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About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to CircleAround, a digital media website for women. We're here to share compelling stories, trusted information, and personal inspiration to help women create the lives they want for themselves, their families, and their communities. Our content is grounded in Girl Scout values — such as Service, Honesty, Courage, and Respect — while helping women honor those values in adult life.

We are owned by One GS Media, a subsidiary of Girl Scouts of the USA

The CircleAround website is operated by One GS Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Girl Scouts of the USA. Revenue for CircleAround is generated through advertising on our site, and we make distributions to Girl Scouts of the USA, so the organization can further its mission of building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

You Are Welcome Here

This is a moment in time for women that is unlike any other. Following on the progress that was forged by exceptional female leaders, women are bridging into new areas and new ways of life every day, even as we face a new world. CircleAround offers a holistic mosaic of information critical to women, written primarily by women. Here you'll find stories from across the country, and from a wide variety of communities. We pledge to be an inclusive place for women during every life stage and from every walk of life: from communities of color, from every religion and creed, from the woman just entering the workforce to the one transitioning to retirement, from the new mom to the woman newly taking care of her mom, from the new immigrant to the fifth-generation descendant, from city dwellers to rural Americans. We stand for justice, for respect, and for the inherent value and worth of each individual.

Our Values


We exist in service to all women and their need for information, community, and conversation, which support them along life’s path.

Courage, Responsibility & Wisdom

We strive to exhibit courage, be responsible, and to exercise the wisdom to do both simultaneously. When we make mistakes (and we do), it’s our practice to own them forthrightly, humbly ask for forgiveness, and seek to make it right. Likewise, we expect the same from our partners.


Women (and all humans) face a multitude of problems every day. We strive to be of service to all women, not only by providing productive and compassionate solutions from experts, but also supportive insights from women across all experiences.


We know trust is earned, and we seek to earn the trust of the community of women who engage with us, as well as the trust of all our partners, vendors, and teammates.

Welcoming & Empathetic

We strive to have a welcoming atmosphere, one in which we and our audience can approach diverse viewpoints with empathy and sincerity.

Hard Work & Fair Play

We work hard in pursuit of excellence and integrity in all our interactions with our audience, teammates, partners, vendors, and everyone else with whom we interact.


Each one of us finds life’s challenges to be overwhelming from time to time. By providing content that is value-driven and uplifting, we hope to assist women everywhere in finding both deep fulfillment and inspiration daily.

Honesty & Kindness

We encourage honesty and kindness in all communications; we know that dishonesty isn’t kind, and honesty without kindness isn’t productive.

At CircleAround, We Know You Are Unique...

We recognize that, far from being a monolithic group, “woman” is an identity made up of a wide and varying range of individuals, each with her own story and voice. Our goal is to be of service to women, across a vast range of experiences and identities. In our content and in our images, we strive to be an accurate representation of this wealth of diversity. As you explore the site, we welcome feedback on what you like and what other topics you would like to see our site include. We’ll work hard to delight and enlighten you with meaningful content so that we can count on you as part of our ever-growing circle. 

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