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A Large, Engaged Audience

We are more than a social good partner: we are a content destination where your paid media generates more ROI than anywhere else.

Protection For Your Brand

From one of the most trusted brands in history, Girl Scouts of the USA

High User Engagement

Girl Scout values are women's values, and we are drawing on the 50 million Girl Scout alums as a base for our audience.

Marketing on CircleAround


Reach customized audiences based on your needs.

Ad Formats

Create ads that are native to the CircleAround experience.


Connect with your audience at the right time and in the right context.


Monitor, analyze, and optimize campaign performance.

Social Good Halo

Generate results through your advertising and know that revenue for CircleAround is generated through our partners, like you, who advertise on our site, and we then make distributions to Girl Scouts of the USA so they can further their mission.

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