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Shari Brauner

After 26 years as a stay-at-home mom, Shari is excited to announce that she has been officially released from captivity. Being able to stay home and raise two sons and a daughter was a blessing, but Shari is currently in the process of rediscovering herself outside of the mom role. Her mom-related experience includes years as a psychologist, tutor, ‘uber’ driver, chef, canine nurse, sleep deprivation expert, Girl Scout leader and so much more. Writing has always been an important part of Shari’s life, starting at age ten when she began keeping a diary, something she continues to do to this day. After a decades-long dream of becoming a published author, Shari is only a few chapters away from completing her first novel, something that sits atop her priority list now that she has the time to write. Shari is grateful to her husband Steve and her children Matthew, Melissa and Adam for all of their love and support. Family is everything, including fair game for all future articles and novels. 

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