4 Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Actually Appreciate

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Giving and receiving gifts can be exciting and meaningful. But, let’s be honest, there are so many gifts that never get used or are thrown away after just a couple of days. Getting a personalized gift for someone that will truly be appreciated, wanted, and needed requires a bit of thought and out-of-the box thinking. It requires being honest with yourself about who the recipient really is and what they’ll really want. 

To help give you some gift inspo, here are a few ideas that might be just what the recipient actually wants and needs this year.

1A One-time Maid Service

This present is ideal for someone who often vents about how they don’t have time to organize or clean the house. Perhaps they are a full-time working parent, too tired to clean the kids’ mess after getting home from a long day at the office. Perhaps they’re a friend in school who doesn’t have time to put things away in between intense study sessions. Getting that person a one-time maid service can make their life that much easier, alleviate stress, and help them realize there are people they can lean on when life gets too overwhelming. 

To personalize the gift even more, rather than paying for a professional maid service, you can give them a certificate, promising a time and date where you’ll personally clean their house or apartment for a couple hours. If they’re home while you do it, it will give you the chance to spend quality time with your loved one while performing an act of service and love for them.

2A Scrapbook for an Anxious Friend

The holiday season marks the end of the year and it can be a nice time to reflect. But, for some,  it can bring up feelings of anxiety. Perhaps they don’t feel they’ve accomplished enough this year. Or maybe the next year represents an intimidating, new milestone: turning 60, the first time the kids leave the house for college, embarking on a daunting journey to forge a new career path. Whatever it may be, these changes can feel scary, and your loved one might need a gentle reminder of their amazingness, all the things they’ve done in their life so far, and all the exciting things to come. 

Constructing a scrapbook of photos, letters, and other mementos can help remind them of all the positive things that have happened in their past. The scrapbook might have a mid-section dedicated to the present moment, such as pictures from this year. The rest of the scrapbook can be full of blank pages with a note: “For you to fill out, for all the wonderful memories on the horizon.” Any gift that encourages your loved one to see that they’ve lived a full life and deserve to celebrate it rather than worry that their best days are behind them is a gift that will most certainly age well.

3A ‘Don’t Take It for Grant-itude Journal’

There might be people in our lives who seem to have it all. While some may count their blessings every day, others may take what they have for granted. The folks in the latter category may need a little boost to remind them why appreciation matters. 

A simple “Don’t Take it Grant-itude Journal” where they can jot down what they are grateful for can potentially help them reflect positively. You can personalize this gift by jotting down weekly or monthly prompts for them. For example, one prompt might be, “I appreciate my family, because …” or “I am grateful for my career because … “ The gift can be especially meaningful if you yourself have kept a gratitude journal and you include a letter to the recipient noting how and why the practice was helpful to you.

4A Class To Try a New Hobby

If you have a loved one who’s been wanting to try a new hobby but has yet to take the leap, consider a gift that will give them a little push to get them started. Whether they want to take up a new interest, start painting again, try pottery, or something else, signing them up for a beginner’s class can be a thoughtful way to show you believe in them and want to be their accountability buddy. When signing up for a class for someone else, be sure to first check their schedule to make sure they’ll have time. It can be a lot to sign someone up for more than one class, so if possible, just find an easy one-off experience for them.

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