5 Great Gift Ideas for the Home Office

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More people are working from home than ever before, and it’s been a love-hate relationship for most. For people new to telecommuting and virtual work, there are products out there that can make the home office existence a little less lonely and a little more lively. I’ve been working from home full-time for over a decade now and have figured out what makes this work-from-home lifestyle more productive and fun. Here are five home-office gifts that you can actually get excited about.  

1Bring Joy With a Sun Lamp

Working inside your house can be a dim affair no matter what month it is. Perhaps your home office doesn't have ample natural light. I love my sun lamp and find that it makes a huge difference in my mood, especially during winter. This is a great gift idea for people working at home and for anyone who has seasonal depression.

The Mayo Clinic offers some good information on the benefits of light therapy and how to choose the right light box.

2Help Them Stay Fit With Desk Pedals

Working from home usually means spending lots of time sitting. Under-desk bike pedal exercisers aren’t new, but they’ve become more popular over the past year. Not only do desk cycles help you get a workout in while you work — without the annoyance of standing desks — but one person who tried them out said it helps keep you warm, too.

3Give Them Some Visual Desk Entertainment

What's entertaining to one person may not be entertaining to another, and not everyone's desks are created equally. For example, I have a large L-shaped desk, and I love background noise while I work. While music may seem like the obvious choice, I find myself singing instead of writing. Last year, the best gift I got for my office was a 19-inch television and an Amazon Fire TV stick. Now I can stream background noise or watch DVDs.

4Give Them More Than a Calendar

I know a calendar seems like a lame gift, but working from home sometimes comes with deadlines, extra plans, and a tight schedule. Having a calendar keeps me from missing appointments, but having a planner helps me stay on task even if I am away from my desk or home.

The cool thing about planners is that there are so many options, and you can pick one that fits the personality of the person you’re gifting it to. I found my Law of Attraction planner very motivational, and it kept me from missing deadlines even when I needed a break from home and was working at a local coffee shop. It was easier to haul with me than that big square wall calendar.

5Help Them Stay Neat and Organized

My desk would be a complete nightmare if it didn’t have drawers and a cool, coffin-shaped pen holder. This is another chance to show your friends and family members how well you know them by picking out fun office items that fit their personalities. You can find a plethora of pen holders, desk shelves, and more office must-haves at your favorite local office store or on Amazon.

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