Empowering Gifts for the Little Feminists in Your Life

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Growing up, I remember there was a stigma around feminism. In the media, the stereotype of the man-hating, militant feminist who was annoying, preachy, and at times lacked hygiene, prevailed. As a result, many of my peers, especially the male ones, assumed that feminism equaled man-hating. Which, besides being ridiculously self-involved, could not be further from the truth.

Feminism, by definition, is the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. So really, we should all be feminists. Nowadays, feminism has earned back the respect that the word deserves and the feminist movement has regained its steam. Beyoncé performed in front of a lit-up sign that read “Feminist.” And she’s not alone. Most of the dynamic and intelligent female figures in our society proudly declare themselves to be feminists. And, many prominent male figures have come out as feminists as well, including actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and former President Barack Obama.

It’s important to instill feminist values in children while they are still young, and that includes girls and boys. There are so many amazing educational sources available for the younger generation now — seriously, I’m almost jealous — so it’s easier than ever to empower the little feminists in your life. 

Here are some of the best gifts for teaching feminist values to children:

1Feminist Baby Board Books

These board books Feminist Baby and Feminist Baby! He's a Feminist Too! from author Loryn Brantz can start your little one off on the feminist journey pretty much from birth. The pages are colorful with fun illustrations and the writing is simple, so it should be easy to digest for toddlers. The book follows the journey of the feminist baby and her refusal to adhere to societal gender norms. This rhyming picture book is sure to entertain as well as educate your own feminist baby.

2This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power Primer

Another board book that should be suitable for your toddler, This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power Primer is part of the This Little Trailblazer series by Joan Holub. The book follows the stories of various female trailblazers in an entertaining and educational way. The illustrations are adorable and the story structure should keep even the most easily distracted child focused until the last page.

3Change Sings: A Children's Anthem

Presidential inaugural poet Amanda Gorman does not disappoint with this picture book, Change Sings: A Children's Anthem. This book is suggested for children in grades 1-3. The lyrical story follows a small Black child who is carrying a large, ornately decorated guitar as she gathers a diverse group of young musicians to help clean up a littered playground, build a ramp for a wheelchair-bound child, offer food to a homeless mother and son, and march beneath a huge urban mural. This book is sure to leave quite a few new young activists in its wake.

4Nevertheless She Persisted Puzzle

This 1000-piece puzzle, Nevertheless She Persisted Puzzle from Cobble Hill, probably isn’t suitable for the youngest feminists that you know, but it’s a great way to keep older children involved. The puzzle, when completed, features stories and pictures of 24 of some of the most empowering women in history. It’s made from 85 percent recycled paper, so it’s good for the environment on top of everything else.

5Votes for Women Puzzle

This 500-piece puzzle, Votes for Women Puzzle created by Monica Garwood, should be more accessible for a wider range of ages. It is recommended for children ages 10 and up. The puzzle follows the journey of suffrage all the way to the 19th Amendment, which finally gave American women the right to vote. The circular puzzle is beautifully illustrated and features the stories of voting rights champions, including Hester C. Jeffrey, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Frederick Douglass. In addition, the puzzle comes with a pamphlet that contains even more information on the suffragette movement. 

6FemiNotes Sticky Notes Booklet

These Post-it notes from the hilariously named “The Unemployed Philosophers Guild” are a great gift for the older feminists that you may know. Teenage feminists need gifts, too: These ones are not only easy to use, but they are actually built to help you study. With regular-size post-its as well as tabs, the studious feminists in your life will get to flaunt their beliefs while continuing their education. Featuring illustrations of Rosie the Riveter, these sticky notes are sure to empower and enliven even the most dull study session.

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