Holiday Kitchen Gifts That Save Time & Sanity!

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Looking for the perfect present for the master chef in your life? Here are a few tried-and-true holiday kitchen gift ideas that make time in the kitchen a little easier and more fun for cooks of any skill level.

As a recipe developer, I'm always cooking up a batch of something new on our stove. And believe me, I’ve used a lot of kitchen gadgets along the way. The kitchen gifts below — all of which I highly recommend — are fantastic tools I regularly use and rely on to save extra time.  From organizing your recipes to growing fresh herbs on your counter all year long, there is a little something for everyone who loves to cook.

Instant Pot Ultra Multiuse Pressure Cooker

This is my absolute favorite kitchen appliance and one I use multiple times a week! The Instant Pot Ultra is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, cake baker, and even makes homemade yogurt. It's great for meal prepping or cooking for a large group or family dinner. I make quick homemade risottos, pasta dinners in five minutes, cook beans from scratch, and even make rice pudding for dessert.

This Instant Pot and other brands of multicookers come in a few different sizes: usually six, eight, or 12-quart. I personally love my 8-quart model, which is perfect for our weekly two-person meal prep. But you can also get a smaller model for solo cooking or a larger one for big family meals. This is one appliance that truly does it all!

All-in-One Chopper

This all-in-one chopper is fantastic for quick slicing and dicing without the hassle of using a knife. I like that this multichopper has interchangeable blades for all shapes and sizes of produce. It can dice, slice, grate, and spiralize. 

This is a useful gift for anyone on your list, especially for younger or older people who may not feel comfortable welding a large knife in the kitchen.

AeroGarden Countertop Hydroponic Garden

This countertop garden is super convenient for growing and harvesting fresh herbs in your kitchen — no green thumb required! All you need is water, and you'll have fresh herbs growing in weeks. We got an Aerogarden five years ago and constantly keep it growing in our kitchen all year long (even when our garden is booming in the summer). If you're following a recipe, it's great to have fresh herbs on hand instead of having to make a trip to the store. I've grown basil, sage, parsley, thyme, mint, dill, cilantro, and chives — all with great success. You can buy various seeds for your favorite herbs and even tomatoes and bell peppers.

Rice Cooker

Another appliance that gets weekly use in our home, we always keep our rice cooker on the counter for perfectly steamed rice in about 30 minutes. If you've ever tried making rice on the stovetop or microwave, you know how hard it can be to get that perfect restaurant-quality texture for your rice. This cooker easily steams the beloved grain, so you don’t have to worry about stirring (or burning) the rice on the stove.

Rice cookers make so much more than rice; they're perfect for steaming lentils, quinoa, and even making oatmeal. I'd recommend a rice cooker with a few different settings if you want to try cooking other grains.

Recipe Binder

Save time looking for your favorite recipe with a cute, modern recipe binder. Preserve your treasured family recipes or organize favorites cut from magazines in the protective sleeves. 

Nespresso Latte Maker

Skip the drive-thru coffee line and save money by making a barista-quality drink at home in minutes. This Nespresso machine not only makes delicious coffee, espresso, and Americano — but has a milk frother for lattes and cappuccinos as well. I personally like all the varieties and blends of coffee that Nespresso offers. Who needs a coffee run when your next takeout coffee order can happen right in your kitchen?

Electric Griddle

I love using our electric griddle anytime I'm cooking for a crew. It has an extra-large surface to cook on for feeding many hungry people all at once. It's ideal for flipping large batches of eggs or pancakes for weekend brunches or toasting up a few grilled cheese sandwiches for the family.

Heavy-Duty Citrus Press

While it may be small, this citrus press is one of my most-loved kitchen gadgets. The heavy-duty stainless steel squeezes every last drop out of your citrus fruit without much effort. And absolutely no seeds will escape into the food. I use mine for squeezing lemons for homemade salad dressing or making a big cilantro lime rice batch. It's a major upgrade over those old-school plastic handheld lemon juicers!

Air Fryer

The air fryer has the power of a convection oven but fits perfectly on your countertop. Air fryers have been all the rage for the past few years, and with good reason: They're great for crisping or frying up food with less oil than a deep fryer.

I love that my air fryer heats and cooks food quicker than the oven and uses way less electricity. It heats up leftovers better than a microwave and even crisps up leftover fries. I'd recommend getting a model with a large basket (usually a 5- or 6-quart, over a 3-quart), as the extra basket space is great for making bigger batches of food like you would in an oven.

Electric Kettle

Great for the tea lover or pour-over coffee enthusiast, an electric kettle has boiling water ready in minutes. No stovetop burners are needed, just press a button, and the electric kettle will boil water quickly. It’s fantastic for making hot drinks or getting hot water ready for soups. This is another great gift for anyone who may not want to fuss with using a stove.

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