What If Snow Globes Looked Like Real Life?

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Whether it’s a depiction of Santa in his sleigh, merry carolers outside a window, or the Nativity scene, snow globes add a touch of winter wonderland charm. But let’s be honest — scenes from real life during the holidays can sometimes be anything but charming. Any parent, retail worker doing overtime, or those responsible for cleaning up everyone else’s “holiday cheer” will tell you as much. 

But if snow globes depicted reality, perhaps they’d help us laugh at ourselves a little more and help us realize the stress and madness of the holiday season can be part of the fun. Here are snow globes from real life we’re hoping our friends in the factories of Amazon ... er ... sorry, the North Pole will deliver this Christmas season! 

1The ‘Take This Snow and Shove-el It’ Globe

Picture a nice house with Christmas lights. In front, a person stands looking exhausted and cold after spending all day shoveling snow. Everything is looking great (except the person’s back, toes, and fingers) and they think they’re finally done when wham! A huge chunk of that white Christmas magic comes crashing down, undoing hours of work. HA HA HA! Or should we say HO HO HO! Someone shook the snow globe! 

Anyone who lives in an area where it snows can relate to that feeling of frustration, but there’s nothing to do but shovel again. After all, keeping our loved ones safe — whether it’s the kids playing in the driveway, a spouse or roommate who needs to drive to work every day — is well worth the extra effort. It’s an act of love and kindness, regardless of if a little extra snow gets in your way.

2The ‘Curiosity Killed the Christmas Tree, Not the Cat’ Globe

This snow globe is perfect for those who just got kittens for Christmas. It pictures a couple and their children sitting down, admiring a nice Douglas fir all lit up in the corner. Everyone’s enjoying hot cocoa and their new gifts, when, crash! The cat accidentally dismantles the entire thing with one flying leap. Instead of snow flying everywhere when you shake this globe, it’s hundreds of pine needles, cat hair, and your great-aunt’s vintage ornaments.

While the new kitty may have caused some chaos, they still look adorably innocent standing in the corner. Sometimes a new furry friend can be worth the mess after all, so the family can’t stay upset too long. 

3The ‘Santa, Don’t Come Down Our Chimney’ Globe

Stockings hung by a fire, the smell of something delicious cooking in the kitchen — it’s a perfect Christmas Eve. What could go wrong? Well, mix a faulty pilot light on a stove or oven, a recipe that looks simple on paper but isn’t, in-laws blabbering in your ear and kids running around, and something’s bound to get heated. Shake this snow globe and smoke comes out, an alarm goes off, and all the delicious food you had prepared gets badly burned.

Even when things go awry in the kitchen, though, this family knows takeout can be just as fun. Any cooking disaster merits a good laugh and next year, cooking duties will surely be passed off to someone who really knows their way around an oven.

4The ‘If It Ain’t Broke, You Will Probably Break It’ Globe

It’s a delightful afternoon on Christmas Day and children are admiring their gifts and excited to play with them. However, “some assembly required” can sometimes mean an engineer is required. After an hour or two of following confusing instructions, the new toy looks almost like it does on the box. But shake this snow globe and … .oh, no! The toy falls apart everywhere!  

Even when the toy falls apart, working together with family and friends in the assembly process was a bonding experience in and of itself. Plus, the kiddo was more interested in the wrapping it came in anyway. Thank goodness for returns!

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