10 Funny Mom Quotes About Surviving Summer Break

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“It’s summertime, and the livin’ is” … going to get spicey for moms. Several of us at CircleAround will be caring for popsicle fueled little darlings this summer, so we searched the world wide web with our big wild eyes for the funny mom quote inspiration we knew we needed to keep our humor muscles flexed and ready for whatever summer “fun” comes our way. 

1Joanna McClanahan

 “First week of summer break: Trips to the park, the beach, and the zoo. Second week of summer break: The wi-fi is your mother now.” 

Ramblin Mama

2Jen Simon

 “Day 2 of summer vacation: just told the kids to ‘fight nicely.’”

Jen Simon

3Samantha Taylor

“Vacationing with kids is a good way to get away from your sanity and relax not even a second.”

Walking Outside in Slippers 


 “Summer: That time of year when I flip my mom calendar from ‘when are you going to bed?’ to ‘when are you going to get out of bed?’”

5Candace Alnaji

 “Don’t worry about planning the perfect summer for your kids. You spent your summers sitting in front of an oscillating fan with five other people waiting your turn for the breeze and you turned out fine.”

The Mom at Law  

6Stephanie Ortiz

 “Summer vacation only started two hours ago, and we’ve already had three tantrums. One was mine.”

Six Pack Mom

7Lisa Munn

 “Day 30 of summer break: My son is mad at me because I won’t let him use a saw.”

Sarcastic Mommy

8Michelle Brown

 “For a minute, I thought I was running a bed and breakfast, then I remembered it was just summer break with the kids.”

The Pondering Nook

9Sylvie Carbonneau

“My summer vacation is 4% drinking, 3% camping, 2% gardening, 1% running from bees, and 90% watching my kids perform lame tricks in the pool.”


10Amy Hunte

“Roses are red. Violets are black. The countdown is on until school gets them back.”

Outnumbered Mother 

The Bottom Line

From our team to your family, we wish you a magical summer with plenty of hysterical motherhood moments you — and your kids — will remember forever. 

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