4 Ways To Build a Better World for Women

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There is beauty in celebrating the strength of every individual. As a woman, I have always believed that providing support and assistance through any means possible is one of the best and most inspiring things we can do to empower each other. The opportunity to pass on faith, hope, healing, knowledge, and values is as good as passing the mantle to the next generation, creating a stronger tie among women.

Here are simple but meaningful ways to build a better world for women, starting within our homes and neighborhoods.

1Support Small Businesses Run by Women

Putting up a small business is already a challenge itself. It helps to be present and let women know that they have the potential and the power to pursue their dreams. When we give the support she deserves — be it financial aid, an extra hand, volunteering our skills that will cater to the growth of her small business, or spreading the word — she will become more determined to turn her dream into a reality. Knowing that everyone is on the same supportive page would mean the world to them. No act of support, big or small, goes unnoticed. Whatever effort you put into helping, you are also building a dream.

2Help Put a Girl in School

Education plays a significant role in the growth of every individual, which is why promoting equal access to education for girls is vital. Keeping one in school gives her the strength and power to take on the world — fighting poverty, disease, violence, and many pressing issues involving women. She becomes aware of her rights, responsibilities, and the things she can reach. Being able to stay in school will open opportunities for her to explore, eventually setting a foundation for success while also creating a better life for her and the people around her. Providing education in different ways is a guaranteed key to change, whether volunteering as a mentor to a girl in your community, participating in women-exclusive organizations, or sponsoring education.

3Support Moms

Many look up to moms as superheroes, but the truth remains that even superheroes need help. Small acts of kindness — phone calls and visits, offering to pick up a few groceries, holding the baby, letting her catch up on sleep, meal planning together, or as simple as bringing meals — mean the world to them. The complete and quick shift in becoming a mom makes everything such a haze. While it is polite to ask what you can do, it also gives her another decision to think. A better way to help make their lives a little less overwhelming is by being there and suggesting what you can do. Connecting moms in your neighborhood also offer a sense of belonging and support through this new journey they share. While the first two growing years of a child are of utmost importance, it is equally vital for a mom to have a strong support group at this time.

4Start at Home

Share family books, movies, or anything that presents the life and success of women. Give females a role at home, like budgeting and a chance to exercise their leadership and decision-making skills. Encourage young girls to explore their interests and help hone their skills. Openly and honestly talk about gender issues, inequality, sufferings, and nontraditional gender roles and privileges within the family. It always starts with us and at home. Eventually, we find the people in our lives radiating the same light outside our homes. They might be supporting a female-run business, giving back, celebrating each other's strengths at work, or helping a new mom. At a young age, they need space that offers freedom and confidence in speaking their mind, asking questions, and expressing their fears and desires without being questioned. They need to be educated, heard, and understood. Educating girls is as important as sharing the same lessons with boys at home. Presence and leading by example to family and relatives, particularly to the younger generation, are two ways that contribute to bringing a lifelong change to girls and the world.

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