5 Amazing Songs to Drown Out Mansplaining

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It can strike without warning, no matter the time or place. Yet, you’ve grown to expect it, often feeling it creep up on you. An epidemic of epic proportions, infecting everything it comes into contact with. It’s… mansplaining (AAAAAAAAHHHH)!

Though I haven’t read any studies on the matter, this writer estimates around 99% of women have been affected by mansplaining, with the remaining 1% being under the age of 1 and therefore not able to fully process language yet. Whether it was at a networking event where you had your own work patronizingly explained to you by an oblivious male, in a meeting where the idea you just shared was stolen and parroted back by a less talented colleague, or at the gym where a muscle-bound man attempted to (improperly) demonstrate how to use the workout machine you’ve been training on for six years, you or someone you love has been impacted by mansplaining.

But, all hope is not lost. There are ways to combat mansplaining in your daily life. You can stand up for yourself when you are interrupted or talked over in meetings and you can educate the men in your life on how to be good allies. Or, on the days where your patience wears thin, you can take a more aggressive approach and simply drown them out. If you can do this with some blazing tunes, all the better.

Here are the top five songs to drown out mansplaining:

1Power — Little Mix

You gotta love a literal female empowerment anthem, complete with lyrics like -

“Just cause you’re packin’, packin’, whoop down south
That don’t mean I’m ever gonna take it lying down, baby

You're the man but I got the, I got the, I got the power
You make rain but I make it, I make it, I make it shower

(Who got the power)
(I got the, I got the power)
(I got the, I got the power)
(I got the, I got the power)”

When listening to this 2017 bop, you’ll have no doubt who has the power in any situation, whether you’re being pressured to live up to outdated societal gender norms or a man is challenging you to prove you’re a “true” fan of your favorite sports team. Just make sure you don’t let the music amp you up too much — it’s still not widely accepted for anyone of any gender identity to attempt to solve disputes with an aggressive dance off. Hopefully that changes soon, though.

2Dancing Queen — ABBA

Let’s face it, mansplaining can be pretty disheartening. However, it’s hard to feel depressed when listening to pretty much anything by Swedish imports ABBA. And an earworm like Dancing Queen that you know by heart is the perfect distraction for any mansplaining session. However, make sure to keep the happiness in your heart off of your face lest your mansplainer misread the situation and be spurred on by your joyful expression. Narcissism is inherent to the mansplainer, you see. In fact, the more devoid of emotion you can make your face, the more likely he is to get unnerved and walk away. There are few things stranger than a person loudly blaring Dancing Queen while wearing a completely blank expression.

3Smells Like Teen Spirit — Nirvana

When all else fails, volume is your friend. And what’s better at achieving decibel levels high enough to drown out even the most grating of mansplainers than rock music. But, let’s not forget, men can be feminists too. Self-proclaimed feminist Kurt Cobain fronted one of the most influential rock bands of all time, Nirvana. Smells Like Teen Spirit is not only best played loud enough to block out the outside world, it’s lyrics are also pithy enough to engage your mind while you will your mansplainer to go away. Take heed not to let him see what you are listening to. Otherwise he, being ignorant of the concept of a female rock fan, may be inspired to question your fandom and begin “educating” you about your favorite rock bands or asking you trivia questions even the band’s own mothers wouldn’t be able to answer. The last thing you want is more mansplaining.

4Habanera (From Carmen) — Aria by Georges Bizet

Who says you can’t keep it classy while trying to drown out mansplaining? And, what is more classy than opera? This famous aria from the opera Carmen has a tune that is recognizable the world over and is quite pleasing even to an opera neophyte. An opera singer’s impressive voice can fill an entire theater, so it should be sufficient to block out whatever mansplaining you’re enduring. Plus, unless you speak French, you can distract yourself by trying to understand the lyrics and decipher what the song is about. Habanera is a great entry to the world of opera, so you can replace the brain cells that have been vanquished by your mansplainer’s monologue by exploring a new highly cultured interest.

5Electric Boogie (aka The Electric Slide) — Marcia Griffiths

(Written and originally recorded by Bunny Wailer.)

I know, until writing this article, I had no idea the song was called Electric Boogie and not The Electric Slide either. Interesting, right? The more you know. Now, you may be wondering why this song would work to combat mansplaining and you may even be questioning its inclusion. But, this song gives you the perfect opportunity to turn the tables on your mansplainer by doing what the lyrics say and teaching him “the Electric Sliiiide.” Sure, a lot of people know how to do the famous party dance, but you know who’s more likely not to? The type of person who would engage in mansplaining. And, even if he does know the dance, teach it to him like he doesn’t anyway. After all, isn’t that what mansplaining is all about? Enjoy flipping the script on your mansplainer as you groove away to the catchy beat, content with the knowledge that you have defeated your foe with the help of the power of music.

It can be tough to remember as you are suffering from mansplaining that the condition is only temporary. While you may be tempted to scream and run like the wind into the distance (and that’s not exactly a bad recourse), it’s comforting to know you have options. But, never forget that you are in charge, like Little Mix, you have the power. Because, he wouldn’t be mansplaining to you if he didn’t feel threatened. And, if you do choose to run screaming into the distance after all, at least you’ll be doing it to a great soundtrack.

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