7 of America’s Most Beautiful Places in Spring

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Budding flowers, baby animals, and sunny days are just a few reasons why spring can be the best season for traveling. While there are many places in America that are lovely all year round, a few locations particularly shine during spring. We rounded up a few of our favorites to give you some travel inspo this season. Whether you’re looking for a mild-weather road trip or a different kind of spring break experience, these locations are some of the best to hit up before summer begins.

1Washington, D.C.

The capital of the United States comes to life as snow begins to melt around the monuments and more pleasant temperatures come in. There are free museums, history tours, and even a zoo with endangered giant pandas. In spring, D.C. is known for its cherry blossom festival. “I can’t wait for peak cherry blossom bloom,” writes Washington D.C. blogger Jenny Castillo. “I always turn into the aggressive tourist I chastise during this time. No cherry blossom tree goes unphotographed, and I stop everywhere.” Catch the cherry blossoms at the end of March and early April. 

2Savannah, Georgia

Between the end of March and early April, catch the Savannah Music Festival. It features artists playing music in a plethora of genres, from jazz to folk to rock. According to Southern travel writer Caroline Eubanks, “Savannah also has its own [murals], usually commissioned by art galleries and nonprofits to beautify their buildings.” This is in part thanks to students and alumni from the Savannah College of Art and Design, who proudly host events for the public you can catch as the spring semester winds down.

3Garden City, Kansas

Catch a glimpse of the Great Plains just as nature begins to regenerate for the first time all year. This area of southwest Kansas is home to the Sandsage Bison Range, which has been protecting the official state animal since 1916. “Spring is the perfect time for blossoms and baby buffalo,” it says on the Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau website.  Wildflower walks are also held on weekends, enhancing your visit with more natural beauty.

4Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is so much more than the casinos and expensive shows. There are plenty of family-friendly activities to do, such as waterparks, nature hikes, and museums. Head to Vegas before the temperatures become brutal, and enjoy pleasant pool time during the day and cool nights on the strip. “Amidst the dry desert sands lies this beautiful art installation piece by artist Ugo Rondinone, called the Seven Magic Mountains,” writes Bria Snyder, a Las Vegas blogger. “Be sure to stop by this Instagram photo spot and don’t forget to truly appreciate its beauty while you’re there.”

5Southern California

Drive about two hours north or east of Los Angeles and you’ll see a wide range of landscapes. In Coachella Valley, for example, you’ll see the superblooms where the desert comes to life with thousands of flowers, succulents, and more. It’s a technicolor feast for the eyes. Or visit Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve to see California’s state flower. “This place is more impressive than others I have visited because 25 to 30 different plants are in bloom along with the poppy,” writes lifestyle blogger Ruth Rieckehoff.  

6Park City, Utah

You can still eke out the last bits of ski season here as temperatures are mild and the sun stays out longer. “The soft, hero snow is so good, you'll want to ski bell-to-bell before enjoying a beer outside,” the Park City Convention & Visitors Bureau suggests. “Insider tip: Ski the east- and south-facing runs earlier in the day since they've had time to soften a bit.” Nature also quickly springs up as the snow melts, providing a sweet setting for hiking. You can also enjoy activities such as zip lining, hot-air ballooning, and exploring the Utah Olympic Park, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics. 

7Holland, Michigan

Tulip fans will enjoy a visit to the Netherlands of the Midwest, located in Holland, Michigan. According to Midwest Living, “Nearly 4.5 million tulips bloom around town during the annual Tulip Time festival (early May). A Dutch village includes a museum, carousel, and shops selling delftware and wooden shoes.” You can also see the 251-year-old De Zwaan windmill at Windmill Island Gardens, the only authentic, working Dutch windmill in the United States, and visit Veldheer Tulip Gardens to see multicolored fields at one of the largest tulip farms in the state.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have solid spring break plans or are just looking to beat the crowds before peak summer travel begins, there are plenty of places to visit in America. While these destinations are great all year round, there’s something particularly magical about them during spring.  

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