How To Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long

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Earth Day is April 22, but every day is an opportunity to help the Earth. While large corporations are largely responsible for the global climate crisis, there are ways you can make a difference. Beyond voting for legislation that helps the environment and holds corporations accountable, you can take steps toward sustainability. If you’re wondering what you can do to make a difference, not just on Earth Day, but every day, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are four ways you can make a positive impact on our environment right now. 

1. Support small businesses

Small businesses often have more sustainable practices since they aren’t mass-producing products on a wide scale. Choose brands and businesses that steer clear of factory labor, use locally sourced ingredients, and give back to their communities. 

One example of a small business caring for the environment is Diaspora Co. It's a spice company that works with farmers in India to package spices. Diaspora Co.’s streamlined process ensures spices are shipped directly to consumers, and farmers are paid a living wage. 

2. Eat more vegetarian meals

There are many benefits to having a plant-based diet. Not only can it improve your health, but it can minimize your carbon footprint. According to Our World in Data, producing a kilogram of beef emits 6000 grams of greenhouse gases, while peas emit just 1000 grams.

You can shop at the farmer’s market, grow your own produce in a garden, or support companies that make tasty plant-based alternatives, like Munchrooms. Munchrooms is a mushroom jerky created by Gina Shi. Shi developed a partnership with a family already processing food in a vegan-friendly way in Taiwan. “Mushrooms are also good for the planet,” Shi tells CircleAround

3. Mentor younger generations

An excellent way to ensure our planet's health is to encourage younger generations to preserve it. Consider volunteering with a local scout group, or providing resources to young students interested in environmental topics. 

Noa Gafni, the executive director of the Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation, helps support educational mentorships through strengthening young people's skills and connecting them with business leaders involved in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

4. Support environmentalists

Not everyone can be a conservationist or biologist, but anyone can support those who are. There are so many organizations you can donate to, but one we love is the Ulinzi Africa Foundation, founded by Raabia Hawawhich. It’s based in Kenya’s Tana Delta region and aims to maintain safe habitats for animals, enforce anti-poaching, engage with local communities to raise awareness about wildlife and environmental preservation, and help ensure Kenyan rangers receive training in First Aid, field communication, and tracking. The Foundation also helps protect the wildlife rangers, whose lives are at risk on the job. 

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