8 WOC-Run Etsy Shops to Support Right Now

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Etsy is a great way for small business owners to sell their products without having to worry about the overhead of a brick-and-mortar store. It also gives consumers an opportunity to support the brands and people they love. Buying from Etsy shops run by women of color, for example, can be a great way to ensure WOC business owners stay competitive and represented. If you're interested in buying from WOC-run Etsy shops, check out a few of CircleAround's favorites. 

1. She is Resilient Co.

She is Resilient Co. aims to empower women with their casual clothing line. Based in Philadelphia, they specialize in comfy clothing with powerful messages such as "Normalize sobriety" and "Meditate Pray Slay." Shop owner Elisa states, “These quotes and sayings are to uplift and perpetuate you to move in life and always be the best version of yourself!”

2. Candice Luter Art + Interiors

Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Candice Luter uses textiles, natural materials, scraps of wood and fabric, and materials like macrame and gold foiling, to create one-of-a-kind decorative wall pieces, custom furniture, and unique home accents. She draws inspiration from design trends and is constantly evolving her art to reflect the needs of her clients. 

3. Lanna Passa

Shop owner Saranya lives in Northern Thailand, and her products are inspired by Thai hill tribes such as the Hmong and Lisu. These tribes are at risk of losing the craftwork of their cultural heritage because of larger companies mass-producing replica items. Using Hmong fabrics, handwoven hemp, batik designs, and collaborating with artisans from these local populations, she brings the art and design of the Lanna communities to customers around the world.

4. Yerbamala Designs

Yanira Lopez and Alexis Oliva are a husband-and-wife team from Miami. They create homewares using a macrame technique. They use ethical, sustainable materials and practices, and have recently expanded into larger projects and collaborations with brands such as West Elm. You can still purchase their plant hangers and have a piece of their art in your own home.

5. Beau And Bold

Beau and Bold, a shop run by Angela, features clothing to empower Black people and celebrate Black history and culture. Angela uses her background in graphic design to offer custom work and bring these communities closer together.

6. Ins Ceramics

Based in Irvine, California, Insuk Son uses traditional Korean design techniques to create handmade pottery. With a focus on teapots, teaware, plates, bowls, and more, she combines the art of her Korean upbringing with contemporary styles that result in timeless, classic pieces.

7. Hemleva

Combining her love of plants and crafting, Samantha Leung helps people appreciate the wide world of plants and nature through her unique designs. Enamel keychains, acetate suncatchers, charms, stickers, and more, are offered from the graphic designer-turned-artisan. Leung also makes custom pieces specially made to reflect your tastes.

8. Jen Zeano Designs

Based in Texas, Jen Zeano collaborates with others in her community to create a lifestyle brand celebrating what she refers to as “Latina Magic.” She makes slogan t-shirts, tumblers, glitter pens, tote bags and custom designs for any occasion or purpose as long as it fits her mission of elevating Latina voices in the design industry.

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