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After more than a year cooped up in our homes, those of us with wanderlust have been dreaming of the moment when it would be safe to travel again. This month, we asked CircleAround’s writers where they are planning to go once travel restrictions ease up and as vaccinations become widespread. With the country opening up again, this summer will no doubt see a lot of us on the road or in the air, flying to exotic places and familiar locales. Come journey with us as we travel from sea to shining sea, to places near and far away.

The Ultimate Girlfriends' Getaway to Key West - "You have your girlfriends and your car is packed and ready to hit the road to Key West. No matter where you’re coming from, once you’ve found your way to Miami, the rest is pretty easy since you’re just a few hours away from that glorious little island town where everyone is laid back, the drinks are flowing, and there’s music coming from every corner. "

Girls Trip: Sunshine & Wine on the West Coast - " If you’re wanting to plan the perfect girls’ trip that includes delicious wines, beautiful sights, and boutique accommodations, then a weekend in Santa Barbara wine country is exactly what you need."

Cruising Through Colorado: Your Guide to The Ultimate Road Trip - "One of the best road trip destinations in the country is Colorado. This serene and mountainous state is a dream for those who love the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking to spend your time camping and hiking, or simply unwinding and restoring in nature, planning a road trip through Colorado with your girls should be at the top of your travel bucket list." 

My Summer Travel Essentials (And How They’ve Changed) - " No matter where I go this summer, my safety and health are at the forefront of my mind to make sure that I can enjoy my travels to the fullest."

Need Hot Vax Summer Girl Trip Ideas? Why Not Check Out the Woods in Woodstock: "After more than a year of quarantining at home away from your friends, you may be itching to go on your first post-vaccination vacation. But, a lot of us are still wary about the idea of being around large groups of people. Or, you may not yet feel comfortable using public transportation like planes, trains, or buses. There are still plenty of vacation ideas that can help accommodate almost any comfort level."

Why Glamping with Friends in Michigan for $200 Was Worth It - "Two friends joined me for a weekend road trip to the St. Joseph, Michigan, area and it was one of the best times I’ve had in a long time. This is why I think southwest Michigan is worth exploring with friends in the summer."

West Coast, East Coast, And Around the World: "My best friend from college and I haven’t lived on the same coast for more than a decade. With one of us on the East Coast and the other on the West, it’s hard to sync up. Work schedules, meal schedules, sleep schedules — none of these is conducive to staying in touch. Yet somehow, we have."

A Star Wars Lover's Dream Vacation to Italy: "Like many other Star Wars fans, it was half of our quartet’s dream — my boyfriend and our friend — to stand at that iconic balcony and take a pensive picture up against the railing, staring off dramatically into the far shores of Lake Como."

Traveling May Mean More to Your First Generation and Immigrant Friends: "When people ask me where I want to travel once it is finally safe to, my answer is simple. It’s not a choice, it’s a necessity. I’ll be going to South Africa to see my grandmother. I’ll be traveling 20 hours across the world to give her a hug and sit by her side, her hand in my hand." 

Heeding the Call of the Open Road: “Every mile we travel on the road will be a small step toward reclaiming a sense of normalcy after a year that brought so much heartache and uncertainty around the world.”

5 Ways to Travel More Sustainably in 2021: "I’m as eager as the rest to get out there and see the world again, but I know I have a responsibility to preserve the environments I visit."

An Unusual Gathering: "As I reflect on last week, I can’t help but feel awed and humbled. Humans long to gather together and share our lives. Seeing a smile, hearing a laugh, sharing energy — these are all things we have missed doing together in 2020."

How I’m Planning for My First International Trip After the Pandemic: "I used to get intimidated by the cost of travel and stack up all these cool destinations in my head but tell myself I couldn’t afford it. However, I realized that when you do your research, put a budget in place, and find easy ways to keep costs lower or bundle aspects of your trip, literally anything is possible."

If you'd like to contribute to the series, send us your thoughts to or post on our 2021 Inspiration Wall.

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Faye Williams

Faye Williams is a cat lover based in New Jersey who enjoys traveling and spending time in nature whenever possible.  See Full Bio

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