Take a Leap of Faith and That New Job

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After a few months of living with my parents post-graduation as I interviewed for job after job, I excitedly picked up the phone when a San Diego area code flashed across the screen. Moments later, I had a start date in a city I knew little about and where I knew no one.

When I arrived on my first day, I was excited but terrified. Had I made the right decision?

I spent those first weeks alone, hunting for an apartment, exploring new restaurants, and reading on the beach. Between a handful of tearful evenings, I learned to fully appreciate my own company. I recognized my ability to problem-solve, I mindfully studied my emotions and how I processed both joy and pain, I absorbed my surroundings without the distractions of social plans, and I relished in the time to learn more about my passions.

The move shifted me into a state of vulnerability and softness I hadn’t experienced before. I leaned into the feeling and opened up to a new coworker about my fears. She reciprocated this sense of openness, generously offering her place as a crash pad as I continued to settle into the city. While nervous to stay with a relative stranger, I felt emboldened by my courageous move and my growing self-awareness. Five years later, this coworker is among my closest friends and has shown me how honesty and open-mindedness can cultivate and strengthen relationships.

Leaps of faith — moving to a new city, sharing with others, or anything and everything in between — prime us to learn important lessons, foster meaningful connections with both ourselves and others, and approach situations with a refreshed outlook.

Looking back, I don’t know how my younger self moved to San Diego almost fearlessly, but the outcome continues to inspire additional leaps that keep me growing.

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Emily Roethle

Emily Roethle is a freelance writer in San Diego who loves to share stories about food, fitness, wellness and travel. See Full Bio

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