A Girl Scout Circles Around

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A Girl Scout Circles Around

(By a 47-year-old Daisy)

There once was a girl from Girl Scouts
Who loved what her troop was about. 

Courage and honesty, service, respect.
And a national network with which to connect.

Badge after badge she learned countless skills
To better herself and solve community ills. 

But, at the pinnacle, she felt a double-edged sword,
All too soon came her final day and her Gold Award. 

“Is it over?” she worried. “What now?! Where's my troop?” 
“We’ll CircleAround you,” she heard from the group. 

She looked up to see women, so smart! So inspiring!
All backgrounds, all ages, from young to retiring. 

“We’re your advocates,” they said. “Perhaps a mentor.
We’re here to support you, lift you up 'til you soar.” 

“You’ve got this. You’ll break through that ceiling of glass.
For you are a champion; a Girl Scout is forever badass.”

Enter CircleAround. Inspiring, dynamic, everyday women.

The Girl Scouts have grown up, and they're not just pushing cookies.

They’re running corporations.
They’re running for office.
They’re running marathons.
They’re running kids to school.
They’re running things … their way.

Still blazing trails,
But with a bigger troop.

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Written By

Elizabeth Wichmann

Elizabeth is a copywriter and television producer with 20+ years of on-air creative writing, producing, and directing unde... See Full Bio

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