Dressing (Others) for Success – Why She Loves Her Retail Job

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Salespeople don’t often receive the respect they deserve. It’s not easy to stand on your feet for eight hours a day and deliver first-class service to a plethora of personalities — some easier than others. But Fariba Lavian loves her job. Lavian — known as “Phoebe” — is a sales specialist at Bloomingdale’s in Century City, CA. CircleAround spoke with Phoebe to learn more about why she loves her job, some of the challenges she faces, and advice she has for other women just starting out in the business. 

Phoebe Helps Women Craft the Perfect Outfit 

“I use my product knowledge and fashion sense to help women craft the perfect outfit based on their individual needs,” Phoebe tells CircleAround. She’s been with Bloomingdales for five years after previously working in banking. As an ambassador for Lafayette 148, a fashion brand led by women for women, Phoebe’s philosophy is to enhance the lives of her clients through what they wear.

She Enjoys Figuring Out Each Clients’ Unique Fashion Needs 

“All of my clients are unique,” Phoebe says. “Every woman has a different body type, which means they have different insecurities or a different part of their body that makes them feel more confident. One client may have just gone through a divorce, and another may simply need a fabulous outfit for her upcoming vacation.” 

Phoebe Also Knows That Remaining Calm and Empathetic is Key 

Phoebe loves her job for those moments in which she succeeds in creating the perfect outfit for her clients. But her work isn’t without its challenges. When asked how she deals with difficult situations, Phoebe noted that staying calm, empathetic, and being solution-based is key. “When an issue arises with a client, the most important thing to do is to react professionally, not personally,” Phoebe says. “I genuinely try my best to solve a problem by being quick to take action.” 

Phoebe’s Hard Work and Dedication Has Been Recognized

Once a year, Bloomingdale’s selects one sales associate and one manager out of 400 people to be flown to New York City and honored with The Best of the Best award. Phoebe received this honor in 2019 thanks to her impressive performance metrics in client growth, sales goals, and her positive attitude. 

Her Advice to Others? Be Present 

“Make a commitment to yourself to do your very best,” she says. “The beginning can be difficult, as you are faced with new challenges to navigate around, but if you truly do your best, have patience and bring a positive attitude with you, you will only continue to improve. This includes leaving your personal problems at home, as doing your best means being 100% present.”

Phoebe recommends asking questions whenever they arise and believing in yourself no matter what. “Set goals and make it your intention each day to meet them,” she says. “I also really believe that dressing your best equals feeling your best.”

The Bottom Line 

Phoebe makes it clear that if you truly love your job, you’ll be motivated to put in the hard work and dedication. Phoebe says her job at Bloomingdale’s has given her a lot of confidence, and that she hopes to be a buyer for the company one day. We can’t wait to see what she does next

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