Here Are the Bonkers Reasons Female Olympians Have Been Getting Disqualified

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In just under a week of the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing taking place, fans have already seen a plethora of female athletes getting disqualified for reasons that seem pretty bonkers.

On Tuesday, shockwaves went through social media and beyond when five female competitors were disqualified from the mixed-team ski jumping final event. Officials claimed the women’s jumpsuits were in violation of the rules, saying they were too loose and provided the athletes with a potentially unfair advantage over their competitors. The disqualified group included Sara Takanashi of Japan, Daniela Iraschko-Stolz of Austria, Katharina Althaus of Germany, and Anna Odine Strøm and Silje Opseth of Norway.

Of the whole situation, Althaus told Reuters: “We were looking forward to the second competition at the Olympics. [The International Ski Federation] destroyed that with this action. … That is how you destroy nations, development, and the entire sport.”

Notably, this was the first year where the mixed team ski jumping event was part of the Olympic Games. Of further note, despite each team being composed of two men and two women, only women were part of those who were disqualified. As NPR reported, “instead of celebrating gender equity — a main priority for Olympic organizers” — the disqualifications were all anyone could talk about.

Short-track speed skating also saw a controversial disqualification over the weekend when, after barely finishing second in the women’s four-team semifinal heat last week, Team USA was disqualified. Upon reviewing video footage, officials claimed a skater from Team USA blocked a skater from China and impeded their ability to properly compete.

“Apparently one of our teammates crossed the blue line, and that made the Chinese team miss their exchange or something like that. It was an interesting call for sure, but it is what it is,” American Maame Biney told USA Today.

On the ice, women’s figure skating also saw some disqualification action. Russia’s Kamila Valieva, who won the gold medal in this week’s women’s team figure skating event, reportedly tested positive for a banned drug. The move prompted officials to delay the medal ceremony, and it’s not clear whether or not she’ll get to take home the medal.

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