Honoring My Grandfather’s Legacy

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To honor American independence and July 4, CircleAround is collaborating all month long with NAWBO (the National Association of Women Business Owners) in a series of posts exploring the following prompt: "What do liberty and independence mean to me as a woman business owner and female entrepreneur?" 

I founded my company, Bargas Environmental Consulting, in 2012. The firm’s name — Bargas — is a testament to my grandfather, Gabriel Bargas, who left Mexico in the mid-1940s, temporarily leaving his wife and six daughters behind until he could save enough money to move his family to his new country.

His purpose for coming to the United States is one familiar to many other immigrants: to obtain an education and career that would further the possibilities for his family. My grandfather was adamant that his family appreciate the many opportunities provided to them, such as the chances for higher education, so that we could share what we have learned with our communities.

He always talked about the importance of being self-sufficient and taught me through many lessons that gaining an education would lead to ultimate freedom. Owning my own business has allowed me to experience the freedom not only to create a company that gives back to our community, but also the freedom to ensure I am living according to the values my grandfather instilled in the Bargas family. Those values include the importance of having a life-long work ethic and purpose, along with leading one’s life from a place of service.

I miss his guidance and seeing the pride in his face, but I know that his legacy and spirit live on in Bargas Environmental Consulting, and for that freedom, I owe him my commitment to continue his journey.

This post is part of a series produced by CircleAround and NAWBO. Founded in 1975, NAWBO is the unified voice of over 10 million women-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs in the United States.

Angela DePaoli is President, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of Bargas. She founded Bargas in 2012 to combine her passions for natural sciences and for development and growth in California.

GIRL SCOUT AFFILIATION: Yes, I was a Girl Scout as a kid, and I was my daughter’s troop leader for a year.

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