How Can You Have It All When There's Always More?

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When you are young, the notion of having it all seems more than possible. Strangely enough, in some ways, it is. However, I’ve found that having it all never looks the way you think it will. While it might be difficult, it isn’t impossible to be thriving in every aspect of your life. From career to love life to social life and to family dynamics, there are periods in life when you can find pleasure and contentment across the various sects of existence. Yet, in those moments we rarely seem to recognize that we do have it all, or at least as close to it as we can. The problem is that no matter how much we have, or how much we accomplish, or how great things are going, there is always more. Our wants and desires don’t diminish with success; rather, they increase. 

As creatures of habit, we are taught from a young age to seek more and do more and learn more and make more and never settle. In school, many of our parents encouraged us (or in some cases, pressured us) to be in the top 10% of our class, make straight As, and join as many clubs and extracurriculars as possible. If you went on to higher education, you probably faced the same pressures for another four years. Then, once school is over, it is all about making money. Work as hard as you can and take the highest paying job possible in order to make the most money possible. It makes sense as to why these ideologies are pushed on us; there is no denying that life is more convenient when you have more money. But, once you’ve made it financially (or even earlier for some), then comes the pressure of getting married, having a family, and leaving a legacy. Layered atop of it all, modern trends and idyllic lifestyles promote the idea that traveling all over the world and staying in luxurious accommodations is a necessary component to living a full, successful life. Again, while it is possible to check all of these boxes, it is not necessarily as easy nor as satisfying as it may appear from the outside looking in.

I have found that while many people feel they need to have it all in order to be happy, seeking to be happy with what you have is actually more fulfilling. Finding satisfaction in your current circumstances somehow manages to open your life up to even more abundance and success. But most importantly, a sense of gratitude and peace allows you to savor each moment with so much more pleasure. “Having it all” is a never-ending pursuit. If it were, life would become boring pretty fast. There is no end to what you can acquire and create for yourself or your family. There is no way to ever truly have it all, because there is an infinite amount of joy and purpose for us to seek. So, rather than attempting to have it all, do your best to be proud of what you have and what you’ve accomplished. And while there is no shortage to what may flourish and grow in the future, you have life in this moment, and that is a beautiful gift to be grateful for.  

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Allie Lebos

Allie Lebos is a freelance writer living in Santa Monica, CA where she writes about local restaurants, lifestyle and travel. See Full Bio

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