Love Letters To Mothers from Around the World

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While life may take us on our own adventures, lead us to new jobs overseas, or help us find love in another country, our hearts sometimes long for home and our parents. If you have a strong connection with your mother, it can feel as though she’s right there with you, even when you’re miles apart. As Mother’s Day approaches, CircleAround is proud to share these short love letters from women taking the world by storm to the women who raised and inspired them.

1Jash Cooper, Joyriding With Jash

Hey, Ma!

I know you’re not an adventurous eater, but I just have to tell you about what I tried today. Brace yourself and your stomach. Cow head meat tacos. Yes, you read that right and they were delicious, too. When you come to México you’ll have to try it. I won’t tell you what it is until afterwards, lol. Love and miss you.

“I'm a full time digital nomad and just moved to Mexico in January of 2022,” Cooper tells CircleAround. “I know all about taking leaps of faith into the unknown to chase a dream and deciding to live a nomadic lifestyle was just that. It comes with distance and separation from loved ones, including my mom. We are still extremely close and talk on a daily basis.”

2Anna Silver, Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of CookForFolks

Dear Mom, 

I’m sorry life can sometimes get in the way of our early morning catch-ups — different time-zones certainly don’t help. I miss finding out what toy the dog has chosen to play with that day, but hopefully I’ll be home soon to bring him a new one that will remind him of me. Thanks for being the best mother, I have achieved so much in this life because of you.  

Inspired by her grandmother’s love of cooking, Silver created a career based on her passion for making delicious homemade food for others. “As someone who has lived in a different country from my mom for a couple of years now,” she tells CircleAround, “I do find that it can sometimes be difficult to stay in touch over stressful periods of time.”

3Khushali Shah, co-founder, Healthy and Khush

Dear Mom, thank you for making me independent.

Even after having a lot of luxuries while growing up, you always made sure that we were grounded. You made us earn our gifts, instilled values, and taught us skills which are life-saving today. Although it was annoying back then, today I am extremely thankful for these. It has given me the confidence to live my life fearlessly. Thank you for being amazing. Can’t wait to see you. XO

“I currently live and work in Dubai and am in love with this city (oh, the luxuries),” Shah explains on her personal site. “But my heart is in Bombay (yes, I still call it that).”

4Dr. Tricia Wolanin, Psy.D., creativity coach, clinical psychologist, author

Dear Mom,

When I walk the streets of Paris, I can't help but wonder if I am living part of your dream life. I remember how you fell in love with this city, not just because it's the fashion capital, but for the energy it vibrates. We could simply watch people for hours, as we sat at a cafe. "It's like watching a living magazine," you would say, as you noticed the accessories the locals draped on their bodies. You wanted to live in a pied-a-terre, and now I actually am. The museums, architecture, crepes, and macaroons are the life of luxury we fantasize about. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon and can't wait to share this again with you, when you visit this summer.  

“I'm an expat who has been living overseas for nearly nine years,” Wolanin tells CircleAround, “Previously in the UK and most recently Paris. I'm a clinical psychologist by training, but just recently left my job with the USAF as part of the Great Resignation, and am writing a book in the city of lights.”

5Zoila Streich, co-founder, Independent Fashion Bloggers

Dear Mom, everything is good here, I'm doing well, I don't cry so much now, just when the missing feeling grows in my heart.

I've never had the chance to tell you before how much I love you and how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. You are my superstar, my role model, and I wish one day I can just be like you, strong and comprehensive.

I know that I was not the perfect child, I made a lot of mistakes, but you were always by my side every day. I'm missing you like crazy, you are everything for me and I feel your support even if I'm miles away from you.

You are the most amazing human being I know, you gave everything to me, my sisters, and my father. You are the rock of our family and I know they share the same feelings. I wish I was there to hug you and kiss you, because I know how much you love this.

Don't forget that I'm just one call away, and I'll be there soon.

“I've been living abroad for the past four years,” Streich explains. “I'm away from my family, I miss them all, but mostly my parents and my sisters. This is the letter I chose to send to my mother, because she is my world.”

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