Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company

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If you live alone, especially in a new state, you are probably now familiar with spending lots of time by yourself. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Spending time alone can be therapeutic, relaxing, and a pretty enjoyable time. You just have to find the right things to do and learn about things you love. I’ve been living alone for the past six months and I have done things that I wouldn’t usually do if I was out with a group of friends. Below are some fun ways to enjoy your own company, without feeling lonely.

Go on a Bike Ride/ Walk

Depending on the city you live in, biking or walking can be a great way to spend time with yourself and see the beauty in nature. Many cities have rental bikes that are super affordable, and biking/walking trails that let you see more of what the city has to offer. One of the first activities I did when I moved to a new state was going biking on the weekend. With my AirPods in and a book in my backpack, I was able to have a nice chill day outdoors. After biking, you can even stop by a park and have a nice picnic or watch the sunset. It’s the little things that will make this enjoyable, and you can learn to fall in love with your new location.

Have a Wine Night

It’s a Friday night, you’re just logging off from work, and there’s nowhere to go or no one to hang out with. For those 21+, a single wine night can put you in the weekend vibe you’ve been craving for. This is my favorite thing to do after a busy week, and just staying home listening and dancing to my favorite songs is an unbeatable feeling. If you’re not in the dancing or drinking mood, take it as an opportunity to bake some cookies or order in from your favorite restaurant. Food will almost always boost your mood, and it will make your Friday night feel more like an occasion to celebrate.

Explore the City

I recommend exploring on foot. There’s no better way to fully enjoy the moment than by simply walking. Many cities have free museums or galleries that can make for a nice time during a Sunday afternoon or after work. The best part is, doing this alone will allow you to see things differently. You’ll be able to enjoy the moment, see the city for what it is, and even find new things or places you enjoy along the way. By exploring the city, you never know where you’ll end up, and it could make for a great adventure in the end.

Go Shopping

Shopping is always a great way to spend the day; just don’t spend everything in your bank account. Try thrifting at your local stores, or even go grocery shopping. Whenever there is shopping involved, it's always a fun time. Try going to shops you always wanted to walk into but never actually did, or even spend the day searching for new decorative pieces for your apartment at Target. Wherever you go, shopping is just one of those activities that you can always enjoy doing alone.

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