Living an Honest Life

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Many are familiar with the phrase “fake it till you make it,” but when does “faking it” go too far? In my experience, faking it can be exhausting. It can drain my soul, filling me with negative energy that doesn’t serve me well. Be it in my school work, relationships, friendships, or even in my career, I have found that “faking it” hasn’t worked for me. But if faking it isn’t the way to go, what can we do instead? How can we be more honest with ourselves and those around us? Here are three strategies I use to live a more authentic life. 

1Be Honest With Yourself

Being honest is hard, especially when it comes to being honest with yourself. Start by laying out your goals and figuring out what kind of life you want to live. Do you want to live by the standards of others, or do you want to live for yourself and your own happiness? 

2Let Go of Other People’s Opinions

Let go of other people’s opinions on your decisions and life choices because, after all, it's your life and you only have one to live. Why not live the best version of it? Focus on setting your own standards and boundaries, and don’t be afraid to let others know what you need to achieve your personal needs. It’s all worth it once you start seeing the clarity in your life. 

3Lean Into Your Strengths

Living honestly and authentically can open doors. Lean into what you’re good at, show people who you really are, and be transparent about your true goals and intentions. Doing so can make it easier to come across opportunities that feel right to you. Learn to love yourself and what you bring to the table, and the world will start to align with you. 

The Bottom Line 

There have been many negative situations I could have avoided if only I had been honest with myself and had confidently expressed what I wanted and needed. I have found that the more I am able to follow my heart and avoid feelings of self-doubt and judgment, the more confident I feel. 

Tags: Mental Health, Self Care, Self Confidence

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Written By

Claribel Rivas

Claribel is a social media manager in the Washington D.C. area who incorporates her cultural influences into her creative content. See Full Bio

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