Harnessing the Power of Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

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As impending lockdown orders dominated the news during February of 2020, the commercial interiors sector was one of the first ones to take a hit. But knowing how to collaborate with others, how to live outside a comfort zone, and more importantly, how to be a leader, helped one particular CEO survive the economic downturn.

Girl Scout alum and business owner Krista Korinis shares her story.

What services does your company offer?

Global Installation Resources LLC is a 100% women-owned and operated union installation company specializing in office furniture, demountable walls, signage, and laboratory case work installations. We are a niche construction company that builds office furniture and similar interior products. Our clients are dealerships, manufacturers, end users, and contractors.

When did you first know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

From an early age, I was exposed to the passion of business ownership, since my father and grandfather were entrepreneurs. It would also be unfair to not give credit to my time as a Girl Scout, selling cookies to family, neighbors, and friends. My time as a Girl Scout gave me the confidence to follow a nontraditional path for women. I earned my bachelor of science in business administration from Bryant University in 2003 and spent the next six years in the commercial flooring industry before following my passion to become an entrepreneur in early 2009, in a predominantly male dominated field.

We have built our business on honesty and transparency. Often my business partner, Marge McCabe — also a Girl Scout — and I are the only women in the room. Be it with our clients, employees, or union carpenters, we made a decision early on to have the courage and confidence to just be ourselves. I think many women in nontraditional fields try to keep up with their male counterparts, which felt inauthentic for us. Leading as women, with confidence and courage, gained us respect in our industry.

Which of the Girl Scout traits have carried over into your adult life and business?

A lesson that made a long-lasting impression from my time as a Girl Scout was to live outside my comfort zone and to not be afraid to take risks. Camping was an activity that was not comfortable for me, but it is one of my most fond Girl Scout and childhood memories. Many of the Girl Scout sisters who encouraged me to camp out are still my best friends today. Thirty-five years of friendship and sisterhood, which blossomed when we were Brownies! When I struggle with a decision outside my comfort zone, my Girl Scout sisters are still my cheerleaders, encouraging me to follow my dreams. A badge acknowledging “service” would be a recognition I would be most proud to wear. As a woman in a nontraditional career, encouraging women and girls to follow their dreams has led me to my volunteerism and service as an adult with the Girl Scouts and other women-centric organizations promoting the advancement of women.

Imagining that your professional life is a continuation of the Girl Scout program, what professional award/recognition ("badge") have you been the most proud to earn?

In addition to serving as the GSNNJ chair of the Fund Development Committee and the secretary of the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey (GSNNJ) Board of Directors, I also am a leader and board member of CREWNJ [Commercial Real Estate Women of New Jersey], an organization promoting the advancement of women in commercial real estate. During the pandemic in 2020-2021, I helped raise funds and awareness for over 40 philanthropic efforts as the CREWNJ director of community outreach. My service with CREWNJ will culminate when I am installed as their president in 2023.

I am very proud of other awards and recognitions that my time as a Girl Scout facilitated. I was recognized in 2014 with the Leading Women Entrepreneur Top 25 Award, in 2015 as the face of The Limited’s “New Look of Leadership” national campaign, and in 2017 as a SmartCeo Brava NJ honoree. In 2018, I was honored at CREWNJ’s 35th anniversary gala for my contributions to the organization and the advancement of women in commercial real estate.

Girl Scouts' 110th anniversary is on March 12. Can you share what the 110th anniversary means to you?

The 110th anniversary represents that girl empowerment is timeless! What Girl Scouts affords our girls does not go out of fashion — our girls will always need an environment to grow, take risks, and be leaders. Personally, I rejoined the movement as an adult during the 100th anniversary, so this year I celebrate reconnecting 10 years ago to a movement that changed my life as a girl, and continues to impact me as an adult.

I am very sentimental about my experiences scouting; that’s why I was excited to get involved as an adult, join my local council board of directors, and also serve as a national delegate. Reengaging with Girl Scouts as an adult has provided me with a platform to positively impact young girls, while at the same time giving me an opportunity to connect with business and community leaders — a truly rewarding lifelong experience.

How did being a Girl Scout shape you as a female business owner?

Even though I haven’t been a Girl Scout for 25 years, many of the lessons learned during my time as a Girl Scout in Wyckoff, New Jersey, are with me every day. Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout! My memories of camping, cookie sales, and friendship shaped me into the woman I’ve become. Girl Scouts helped me to understand how to be part of a team working toward a common goal, but more importantly, gave me the confidence to become a leader. The poise and self-reliance that I developed over those years encouraged me to pursue a historically nontraditional career for a woman.

Global Installation Resources LLC is a WBENC-certified, Women Business Enterprise (WBE), headquartered in New Jersey. The Global Installation Resources team helps clients find cost-effective installation solutions through expertly managed relationships with unions and their members. For more information, visit gi-resources.com.

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