Maturing Old (Childhood) Pastimes Into New (Adult) Hobbies

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I loved doing arts and crafts when I was a child, dancing in my teens, and going on travels in my adult years. As we transform, the things we like also change, as well as our needs. I’ve realized while some of my hobbies and interests have shifted, others have grown. Rekindling our long-lost hobbies is like visiting an old friend. Finding joy in the things we used to love is a wonderful feeling. Here are a few old pastimes and the ways they can be integrated into new hobbies:

Bringing New Life to Old

We used to do a lot of crafts as part of school activities, and some of them grew into hobbies. I may not put the same time into craftwork as I used to, I have found a new purpose in tapping into one of my long-lost hobbies. Instead of allowing bottles and jars to pile up at home, creating DIY wine bottle and jar crafts are a great idea to stimulate the creative and upcycling spirit. 

Taking It Up a Notch

Hobbies like crochet, cross-stitch, and latch hooking are some of the needlework crafts that keep people happily occupied. One of my first memories of this pastime was watching my mom do latch hook projects like throw pillow cases. In no time, with my instant fascination for the rhythm of repetitive action, I started my own projects. Though needlework crafts may not be appealing to some, particularly among kids, I remember being challenged by the process of completing designs like table crochet centerpieces and mobile phone pouches. I have been investing time on a similar pastime — macrame. Revisiting old hobbies like this reminded me of the meditative properties of crafting and needlework, and how that helps with the development of discipline, mindfulness, and patience. 

Keep Moving

I did a lot of dancing and sports: martial arts, volleyball, cycling, roller and inline skating. Expressing myself through various movements in different directions felt liberating and relaxing. When I had failed to practice, hopping on social dance trends helped me avoid a sedentary life and offered me a chance to keep up with one of my long-lost hobbies. During my travels, I found a thrill in partaking in adventure sports such as ziplining, snorkeling, and surfing. I have continued staying active through yoga, having a workout routine, and going for a walk or jog every other day. Sitting long hours while working can take a toll on the body. It's never too late to start a sport or physical fitness, one or more fitness activities as a pastime promotes better body movement and mental functioning.

Redefining Journeys

Summers and holidays meant hitting the road and spending time with our relatives who lived a five-hour drive away. Immersing myself in different worlds as an adult has provided me with a more meaningful approach to travel — giving back while getting away. Traveling promotes self-discovery, offers a broader perspective on life, and opens new opportunities to create a positive change in the lives of the people and places visited. 

Game On

Playing small board and card games in my younger days played a huge role in building healthy relationships with my brothers and friends. Apart from helping improve social skills and bring people closer, playing games is also a fun exercise for the brain and heart. The best sleepovers and brunch dates I had were never without the fun, laughter, and good company these games brought. Playing puzzles and games with a group — or solo — continues to be among my favorite pastimes. 

Level Up the Artistic Skills

My inclination to the arts manifested at an early age. Doodling in my free time and joining coloring contests helped stimulate my creative brain. When I put these skills together, I discovered a newfound joy in creating stationery designs for events like weddings, reunions, and birthdays. Once in a while, I get a chance to offer design and calligraphy services to friends or small business owners. In my free time or when things get too overwhelming, reconnecting with these long-lost hobbies helps refresh my brain and brings back that creative spark while reducing my anxiety and stress levels. 

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