Meet Genesis Butler, 13-Year-Old Climate Activist

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At just 13 years old, Genesis Butler has a pretty impressive résumé. She’s a climate activist in Southern California who is passionate about the environmental toll of animal agriculture. This explains why she is a longtime vegan. According to Genesis, “We will never heal the planet and solve the climate crisis if we don’t address animal agriculture.” We can all learn from Genesis and make an effort to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Who Is Genesis Butler?

I first heard about Genesis Butler through social media, and I even went to a vegan festival a couple years ago to hear her speak. She has taken Instagram by storm and has been featured in many magazines and news outlets. She’s even collaborated with Marvel

Genesis’ story is pretty unique. She went vegan at the age of 6 when she learned where milk and chicken nuggets come from. Over time, she also learned that producing animal products is far from eco-friendly and sustainable. Not only is she vegan for ethical reasons, but she’s also an advocate of a plant-based diet for environmental concerns.

Now, Genesis is a prominent vegan and climate activist in her Southern California community. She recently founded the Youth Climate Save, a movement aimed at amplifying the voices of young activists. The movement raises awareness about the impact of animal agriculture on climate change. 

What Has Genesis Butler Accomplished?

Genesis has a long list of accomplishments, some of which include:

  • Started nonprofit organization: Genesis for Animals is the nonprofit organization that Genesis started to help fund animal sanctuaries.

  • Delivered TED Talk: At just 10 years old, Genesis delivered a TED Talk on the correlation between the environment and animal consumption.

  • Advocated for policy change: Genesis has met with local government officials to enact change when it comes to animal welfare and more. She has advocated for meatless meals in schools, cruelty-free cosmetics, and wildlife protection.

Genesis’ work is far from over, so this is not an exhaustive list but rather a starting point.

How Can You Help?

Genesis uses social media like Instagram to connect to her local community and people all around the world. Her posts bring awareness to animal rights issues and environmental issues. To learn more about Genesis’ activism, follow her on Instagram @genesisbutler_ and @youthclimatesave.

For anyone wanting to get involved in climate activism, Genesis encourages you to join or start a movement in your local community. Genesis also advises her followers to adopt a plant-based diet, which is kinder to animals and easier on the planet.

This post is part of a CircleAround series celebrating Climate Week NYC 2020, this year's edition of an annual climate-focused convening, co-hosted by the City of New York and the United Nations. To learn more about the 350 events that will be taking place this week in conjunction with #ClimateWeekNYC, visit here.

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