New Year, New Look, New Site

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CircleAround is unveiling a redesign and a partnership with SHE Media that has brought our content into an even more dynamic space for our readers. Launched in July of 2020, CircleAround, owned by One GS Media, a subsidiary of Girl Scouts of the USA, produces content that shines the spotlight on visionaries, trailblazers, and everyday women who share their inspiration for navigating the many facets of life, and to a new generation with their stories of triumph, ingenuity, and adversity — all while embodying the Girl Scout values of honesty, courage, service, and respect.

“We embarked on a redesign of the CircleAround website this early in our history because, like most women, when we see an opportunity to be better, we take it,” says Jenny Alonzo, One GS Media Chairwoman of the Board of Managers, and a senior media executive. “CircleAround is on a mission to bring everyone together who's been a Girl Scout, whether Daisy or Junior – as well as women who share Girl Scout values – to continue to partake in each other’s lives, to support each other as we go through life stages, and to provide the same opportunities in the future for all our girls.”

The redesign was spearheaded by the marketing agency MRM, which created the site with women in mind, with Fabrik serving as the website developer.

The CircleAround team – along with MRM – first tackled a redesign of the logo, which pictures a woman looking out of a circle. This is symbolic of CircleAround’s mission to create a community for women who look out for one another and invite each other into their circles. This community is a space for women to positively influence the younger girls and women in their lives. While GSUSA’s logo pictures a girl looking forward, CircleAround’s logo illustrates a woman looking back at the girl. This is with the understanding that inspired girls become inspiring women who then inspire girls to become inspiring women, completing the circle.

“We knew that if we were going to increase our efforts to publish content that truly honors, elevates, and creates a community for all women, we needed to ‘dress’ the part,” says Stephanie Regalado, editor-in-chief of CircleAround. “Beautiful aesthetics and an intuitive, positive navigation that pulls women into the site and encourages them to stay a while are continuations of our desire to create a space of belonging void of the chaos and the pressures of the world and instead infuses visitors with encouragement and the tools to create the lives they want for themselves, their families, and their communities.”

Covering topics such as inspiration, work, relationships, parenting, recipes, and health and wellness, CircleAround provides meaningful content for women who are looking for a daily source of inspiration and information, and the redesign takes this experience to a whole new level. Presenting distinguished categories, for instance, helps readers easily navigate a wide variety of content.

Articles are also now presented in new formats to make information easily digestible and more engaging for readers. These new templates include listicles, such as 13 Ideas for Sustainable Holiday Decor; open forms, such as What Are Holidays for Spiritually Blended, Interfaith Families?; and recipes, such as Have Fun While Staying Sober With This Lychee Fizz Mocktail.

“We want CircleAround to become that place you go to regularly for inspiration, ideation, motivation, and information you can trust,” says Alonzo. “We are proud of this leap forward in our look and our new partnership with SHE Media, and hope you come to enjoy CircleAround as much as we do.”

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Genevie Durano

Genevie Durano has worked in various magazines in New York City, and currently is the food editor for Las Vegas Weekly magazine. See Full Bio

CircleAround is owned by One GS Media, a subsidiary of Girl Scouts of the USA, and we make financial distributions to benefit the next generation of Girl Scouts. We strive to make the world a better place by supporting each other today and emboldening the women leaders of tomorrow.

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We also make financial distributions to benefit the next generation of Girl Scouts.

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