New Year, New You

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New Year, New You

On this page, you'll find all of the posts in CircleAround's month-long January series in which we asked writers to explore the topic "New Year, New You."

After an extremely challenging year like no other, if you had to reinvent yourself in one specific way in 2021 based on what you learned in the pandemic, what would you do? Think of it as a New Year’s resolution on steroids.

* 10 Powerful Affirmations for Those Turning 30: "I turned 29 this year, and although it is not exactly a milestone, it got me thinking about how much I have grown and matured over time. As Carrie Bradshaw says, 'Your 20s are to make the mistakes.' "

* Sunday Scaries Are Out, Self-Care Sunday Is In: "Self-care is something that very easily slips through the cracks in our everyday lives, but it is vitally important to our well-being — especially during these unprecedented and uncertain times."

* 7 Ways Burgeoning Artists Can Make Their Mark in 2021: "Choosing a career as an artist can be a daunting move, but Violet Baldwin is here to help you follow your creative dreams. In 2012, Baldwin started a business in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to help artists like herself."

* 4 Ways Women Can Start Saving Money in 2021: “ 'Out of sight, out of mind' can be a great mantra for trying to build up your savings. It’s easy to spend money you can see in the palm of your hand, but automatic transfer programs are a way to build wealth fast."

* My Mentor Changed My Life: "I never really understood where I was supposed to find this mentor meant to help me. And then, one day, I did — and he literally changed the course of my entire life."

* Even Influencers Need Social Media Breaks, Too: "I had developed a sense of guilt from stepping back from social media, especially for my followers."

5 Ways to Push Your Professional Boundaries in 2021: "The fields of technology and finance both are very male-dominated. I have had to learn to navigate a system that was not set up for women and has been designed to keep us out.”

How to Let Go of Mom Guilt and Embrace Grace Instead: "As mothers, we are constantly worrying about every little thing when it comes to our children. Medical appointments, play dates, and perfectly balanced meals are just the starting point. And even though we're already doing “all the things,” we constantly feel like it's not enough."

* Celebrating My Birthday After a Year in Quarantine: "I had no idea that night would be the last time I would see some of those beautiful people in person for the entire year. If I’d have known, I would have hugged them a little bit tighter."

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Tags: Personal Growth, Navigating the Pandemic, Overcoming Adversity, Mental Health, DIY, Mentor, Self Care

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Faye Williams

Faye Williams is a cat lover based in New Jersey who enjoys traveling and spending time in nature whenever possible.  See Full Bio

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