Overcoming the Pandemic to Achieve Your Goals

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Everyone has their own struggle, their own dreams, and their own stories. With everything going on these days, it can be difficult to imagine living in a perfect world, where all your hopes and goals become a reality and everything is linear. The pandemic won't allow for that perfect scenario — and it's a lesson that life post-pandemic probably won't either. So, the best life hack I’ve learned so far at 24 is that life is never a perfect path, and in order to truly “live your best life,” you have to train your mind first. Here’s how I did it.

Write Everything Down

One of the best practices I’ve learned is to write down my goals as if I have already achieved them. This method is also known as “scripting,” a technique in which you write down your life as you already picture it in the form of a story. This has helped me actually believe that my goals are actually possible, and it has helped me train my mind to see myself in my dream lifestyle. Some people may think it’s kind of creepy, but it’s actually a great Law of Attraction technique. Try it and see how far it can take you!

Trust the Process

Social media is great at making you feel like you aren’t moving fast enough in life. Scrolling down timelines, seeing new job promotions, people buying houses, and living lavishly on vacation can make it hard not to compare yourself. If you truly want to become the best version of yourself, remember that people are only showing you the best part of their life, not the struggle. Throughout this journey of becoming a better you, remember to stay in your own lane, and know that what’s meant to be for you will come to you.

Always Keep Learning

Having multiple skills can always help you in the long run, and something that helped me stay motivated during tough times was picking up new skills and hobbies. Ever wanted to learn how to use a professional camera? Now’s the time to learn that. Want to take a cooking class? Go right ahead. Learning will open your mind to new possibilities and will help you discover new passions and keep you motivated and excited. Everything you do and learn can open opportunities for you that you never would have thought of and lead you to do amazing things!

Get Out of Your Head

Anxiety is the friend that just won’t leave your home when you’re trying to be alone. One of my biggest struggles, especially during quarantine, was getting out of my head. My thoughts were running at a mile a minute, from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep, and even followed me in my dreams. This is no way to live, especially as a young person who feels like they need to have it all. Give yourself mental breaks, and make sure to prioritize your well-being. Meditating or even taking walks can help in relieving the stresses that come with achieving your goals. It isn’t easy, but even the most put-together person doesn’t have it all. Think less and live more. Life has a funny way of working itself out.

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Claribel Rivas

Claribel is a social media manager in the Washington D.C. area who incorporates her cultural influences into her creative content. See Full Bio

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