How the World of Travel Has Been Reshaped

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One of the many aspects of life greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic has been the travel and tourism industry. Borders and restrictions have gradually eased despite the threat of constantly emerging variants. As a result, there are many new developments to anticipate in travel. 

1The Remote Jobs Trend Enables More Flexibility

The rise of remote jobs is also increasing business and leisure, or "bleisure,” trips. Though the ease of restrictions allowed some companies to bring their employees back into the office, the hybrid and remote models are the new employment trend. The flexibility of this new work culture and the power to control your own time, allows employees to bring work on the road anywhere with internet access. With more employers adapting to this setup, trips like this will continue to be a trend. 

2Off-Peak Travel

The benefit of off-peak season trips was the reduced costs. Today, they are a safety measure. A survey in late 2021 showed that 58% of US travelers prefer to avoid big tourist crowds to minimize the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. 

3Travelers Are More Conscious of Their Impact

Travelers are increasingly more concerned about the social impact their trips have on a destination. They are supporting more locally-owned accommodations, dining in small restaurants and shopping at farmers' markets instead of chain establishments. Also, the global pandemic and the concern of climate change have influenced travelers to make more sustainable travel choices. Recent studies show that 60% of global travelers would spend more to support a sustainable trip. These include choosing road trips, booking direct flights, using electric rental cars or bicycles and public transportation, choosing apartments and green hotels, and joining local food tours to lower the food-related carbon footprint.

4Adaption to Digitalization Has Improved

Virtual reality tours of hotels, restaurants, and globally-renowned attractions provide an interactive experience providing an opportunity to “travel” without leaving home. Expect to see robots and their ability to enhance customer service experience while minimizing direct human contact, implementation of contactless tech services including payment options and enhanced airport services, the use of facial and voice recognition, artificial intelligence (AI), and voice-controlled services. 

5Increase in Extended Stay

Whether or not travel limitations change in the coming months, travelers are embracing the newfound freedom of remote work settings. With travelers embracing the newfound freedom of remote work settings and exploring new ways of living, extended-stay vacations in homestays or apartments are more likely to continue. There has been significant growth in Airbnb bookings, noted Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. 

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