Schoolgirl Interests To Bring Into Adulthood

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Childhood was a time of make-believe and imagination for many of us. At a young age, anything seems possible, and we often find ourselves dabbling in a number of hobbies and activities. However, as we grow up, we don’t always have the same opportunities or time to pursue our interests.

As a result, many of the things we are interested in as children fall to the wayside as we become adults. But, these interests came to us in childhood for a reason. Even though this aptitude or skill set you had as a child may not be part of your current employment, that's no reason to stop feeding that part of your soul.

Too often, we push things that make us happy aside to make room for activities or hobbies that can make us money. Instead of monetizing your hobby, as many of us feel pressured to do, you should feel free to find a way to spend your leisure time in a way that makes you happy while still sparking your interest.

Too often, we push things that make us happy aside to make room for activities or hobbies that can make us money.

So, how can you find ways to bring your childhood interests back into your life?

Maybe you always looked forward to art class in school, but pursuing it professionally was not an option. Many areas have fun “Paint and Sip” classes where an art teacher will walk you through the steps to paint a certain kind of picture while you imbibe some adult beverages with your friends. In addition, there are many apps and online programs that allow you to create digital art, and, for those of us who prefer the old-school way, there are some great art kits online that provide everything you need to get started.

I loved playing group sports growing up, but there was no way I was going to be able to pursue sports professionally (I’m not the most coordinated). I’ve found a few outlets to keep that sporty girl alive inside of me. One is I joined a local bowling league on an all-female bowling team. Another is I’ve dabbled in joining a co-ed sports team (mine was soccer) in my area. Sports leagues for adults have popped up around the U.S., featuring sports like soccer, basketball, softball, and more. Additionally, I find that group gym classes help to fuel my inner athlete while also helping push me toward my fitness goals.

A big part of childhood pursuits for many young girls can be dance and music classes. But dance and music classes are also available for adults. It’s never too late to learn the guitar or take a singing lesson, many of which are available online, so you don’t need to leave the house. You can find many music lessons available for free on sites like YouTube. When it comes to dance, there are a wide variety of dance classes available for adults, from fitness Zumba classes to Bollywood Funk, Salsa, or even ballet and tap. If you don’t want to take classes, you can still find your dance and music outlets out in the world. You can go out dancing in a local nightclub with your friends or even host a dance party at home by yourself. If you love to sing but have no illusions about your talent level, try karaoke with your friends one night and belt out your favorite hits. And there are dance video games and karaoke video games available for the more introverted among us who still want to get in our groove.

Did you like to play make-believe with your friends growing up? You still can as an adult. Taking an improv class or joining a local theater production can help you expand your imagination in a made-up world once again. Or, you can try a role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons. Suppose that isn’t enough for you and your inner world. In that case, many LARP (Live Action Role Playing) communities across the country will allow you to become fully immersed in an imaginary world with other people who will commit just as hard as you will. If you prefer to explore your imagination on your own, writing short stories either through a class or by yourself is a great way to bring the make-believe to life.

It’s never a wasted moment if you’ve fed your soul and found some happiness.

Let’s say you were interested in horses, as so many young girls are. You don’t have to own a farm or rush out to buy a horse to reinvigorate that love. You can look into local stables that offer riding lessons, go horseback riding on your next vacation, or volunteer at a local stable to be around your equine friends again. If you’re not likely to get back on a horse, you can use the world of fiction to remind you of your childhood love. Reread the classic Black Beauty by Anna Sewell or watch horse-centric films like Seabiscuit or National Velvet to remind you why you were such a “horse girl” back in the day.

If you always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian when you grew up, but life had different plans, you can find other ways to pursue your love of animals. You can volunteer at a local animal shelter, pet hospital, or clinic or begin fostering dogs or cats. Who knows, you may just find your newest four-legged family member.

These are just a few examples, but there are many ways to bring your inner child into your adult life. In today’s hustle culture, pursuing something simply for its joy can feel frivolous. But, it’s never a wasted moment if you’ve fed your soul and found some happiness.

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