She Helps Women Go from Prison to Purpose

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Laura Bulluck believes that supporting women is essential for elevating the success of any community, big or small. In an effort to help at-risk women, Bulluck created Hope's Crossing in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2010. The program helps women get back on their feet by providing them with meaningful connections, collaborations, and opportunities to advance their futures.

Hope's Crossing was originally intended to help women returning home from prison, but the program soon expanded.

“I quickly realized that there were women already in the community facing barriers to a healthy life that had never been to prison,” Bulluck tells CircleAround. “This led me to expand my program to include all women, 18 years and older, regardless of their traumatic experience.”

Bulluck describes Hope's Crossing as a resource center “that provides life skills training, employment support, case management, and a host of wraparound services to help at-risk women become whole and healthy.” Bulluck is especially proud of their community-navigation services, “uniquely designed to connect women to support services required to reclaim their life.”

She and her team have also developed an alumni program. “Participants have access to a variety of professional-development courses that lead them on a leadership journey to support their peers,” says Bulluck. “Transitioning women from poverty to their purpose is the ultimate goal for the alumni program. These new leaders eventually transition into volunteer roles, peer mentors, and facilitators for our peer-run programs, which creates a talent pool of volunteers and leadership positions.”

To date, Hope’s Crossing has served over 350 women in Phoenix.

Every year, the organization hosts a formal event to honor five women who have made extraordinary strides to reclaim her life. “There is nothing more fulfilling than that,” Bulluck tells CircleAround. “When you work so hard to impact the lives of women, my community, and the world, I have learned that someone is always watching, learning, and placing value on the contributions you are making [...] When women returning home from prison can finally reunite with their children and create a healthy and loving family, I know that I had just a small part to play in the reunification, and that is extremely rewarding.”

Bulluck is currently working on a philanthropic project called Good Ground Foundation, which will become a private foundation that provides funding for youth leadership programs, health and wellness programs, and investing in initiatives that strengthen families.

“As a woman that has thrived beyond all the impacts of domestic abuse, we must recognize that our greatest work is waiting for us on the other side of our worst experience. Women are resilient, forward-thinking, and the hosts of innovation and creativity. We must continue to create the space to exceed our wildest expectations."

"I believe women are the anchor of our communities, and if we really want sustainability, investing in the development of women will take us there.”

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