The Case for Going on Last Minute Trips

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Planning vacations months early offers more time and better bargain travel deals, thus getting the best value possible. Nevertheless, for some unexpected reasons, there are times when the situation calls to book last-minute deals for that much-needed spur-of-the-moment escape, regardless of our existing perfectly-designed bucket list. Though spontaneous trips have drawbacks and can be stressful for most people, unplanned getaways on the fly — whether flying out of town or within a drivable boundary, offers a great way to break free from the mundane and shake up routines. 

Why You Should Say YES to Last-Minute Trips:

1Unplanned Travels Take Us Out of Our Comfort Zone

While traveling is all about discovering new things, going on a trip without an itinerary or a plan offers a randomness of everything, embracing the unfamiliar, and taking more risks. It helps us practice resourcefulness, flexibility, and other life skills.

2It Takes the Element of Surprise to a Whole New Level

Transportation and accommodation is the key to starting an unplanned adventure. With everything else a surprise, it helps travelers keep an open mind. One of the best surprises is the astonishing success of pulling off a last-minute trip with a limited budget and time.

3Last Minute Trips Shift Our Focus on Life and Offer a Broader Perspective

 Living in the moment, and being more decisive and in touch with ourselves help us develop a deep appreciation and understanding of randomness during the journey. We also become more resilient amidst the spontaneity.

4Spur-of-the-Moment Travel Is Less Complicated

Planned vacations come with a list of things to accomplish. The spontaneity of unplanned trips offers a more laid-back experience lacking commitment and expectations. We play it by ear and follow our heart's desires.

5We Come Back as Better People

Unexpected things happen during travels, some good, some unpleasant, but through it all, we learn. From our experiences, we gain confidence, courage, and strength. Lessons make us wiser.

6We Become a New Person

Keeping things within a budget and exploring at our own pace means learning the ropes of being a local. Through constant interaction with those around us, our communication skills improve, and we gain knowledge that can help us be more street-smart.

How To Pull Off a Last Minute Trip

Here are ways to make take an unplanned trip without hurting our wallets:

  • Set (and stick to) a realistic budget. The mode of transportation, accommodation, food, and activities depend on how much we're willing to spare. Going on an unplanned trip with a shoestring budget may be challenging, but it's not impossible. Last-minute trips can be kind to our wallets as long as we keep in mind our spending limit while also maximizing the set budget. 

  • Do you have debit or credit card rewards points? Redeem them. Earned points from airline and hotel loyalty programs and other travel reward programs, whether big or small, go a long way and can help allot the budget for something else. 

  • The trip also depends on how much time you have. Will an overnight trip be enough? Is a weekend vacation what I need? Is there a rush to be back for a task or commitment? One of the best things to remember is to go to a place where the budget can go a long way, like off-beaten-path destinations. 

  • The type of travel you need and want plays a huge role in pulling off a last-minute trip. Scenic drives are all about the stops in between. Food adventures are there to satisfy cravings. Nature adventures like camping or a weekend hike are a great way to reset.   

  • Accommodations like Airbnb won't hurt the budget for unplanned trips and can offer a more authentic experience. Another option would be travel websites and apps that offer last-minute deals. In a crunch time but flexible with dates and destinations, there are amazing discounts online on travel packages like bundled airfare and accommodation. 

  • When flying, booking seats months ahead is a practical decision. But, there are budget-friendly tickets for last-minute flights on travel deal sites and apps that are sure to fit the impromptu getaway budget. Regularly checking tickets online is the key to getting last-minute deals because airline algorithms change constantly. 

  • Non-peak days of the week and low season are the best time for spontaneous adventures. When flying, avoid the busy tourist spots, and airport crowds on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Overall, the best tip in booking a last-minute flight is to stay as flexible as possible with dates and destinations.

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