The Family That Pranks Together Stays Together

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Who’s up for a little harmless pranking on April Fools’ Day? These kid-tested, parent-approved pranks are sure to bring puzzled looks and lots of laughs to the whole family.

1Blue Milk

Put a couple of drops of blue food coloring in the bottom of a cereal bowl and cover it up with your child’s favorite breakfast cereal. When your child pours milk into the bowl, they’ll be surprised to see the milk magically turn blue.

2A Refreshing Glass of … Jell-O?

The night before April Fools’ Day, make some orange-flavored Jell-O, but instead of letting it set in a bowl, pour it into individual glasses and stick a straw in each glass before it sets. Serve your kids “orange juice” at breakfast — and watch them try to take a “sip.”

3Grand Entrance

Once the kiddos have gone to bed, cover their bedroom doorways in gift wrap. In the morning, they will love bursting through into a brand-new day.

4Creamy Fresh Breath

Instead of toothpaste, top your kids’ toothbrushes with anything but toothpaste. Think cream cheese or cake frosting or something equally tasty.

5Who Wants Brownies?

Cut at least a dozen “E” shapes out of brown construction paper. Place them in a baking pan and cover the pan with foil. Let your kids know you made some “brownies” (brown Es, get it?) and to help themselves. (It might be a good idea to have real brownies on hand that you can serve once the kids realize you were pranking them.)

6“Seefood” Surprise

Place googly eyes on fresh fruits and pack them in your kids’ lunches. Before they head off to school, let them know you hope they enjoy their “seafood” lunch.

7Spring Forward — Again

Once the kids have fallen asleep, set all the clocks and watches in their room an hour ahead. They might be more tired than usual in the morning since they got an hour less sleep than they normally do, but we're sure you can find something for them to do with that extra hour. Say, that dishwasher is looking pretty full …

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