The Small Acts To Saving Our Planet Start at Home

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I am most in my element in nature, be it up in the mountains, in the middle of the vast ocean, or simply in a marine conservatory. Though the pandemic put my nature adventures on hold, it also allowed me to connect more with the Earth. Halfway through the pandemic, I moved back to my folks' house — an arrangement that provided a safer bubble for our family but also allowed us to live more sustainably and benefit our bigger home, Mother Nature. 

Over the years, my family has established small efforts to help the environment. For example, we’ve been using solar-powered lights outdoors, energy-efficient bulbs for indoors, and rechargeable electronics. While these things may help the environment, I believe, as a society, we could be doing more and better. Helping the environment starts at home, so here are just a few small acts to try with your family to start living more sustainably now. 

1Learn About the Environment Together

Apart from getting quality education within the walls of a classroom, watching nature documentaries with the family makes for a great time to learn and bond. In this day and age, we have movies that creatively depict Mother Earth's current condition and television shows that inspire the nature superhero in us. Such media helps us see that we are all united in achieving a common goal — to better our planet. 

When I stumble upon informative reads or short videos on any related research or updates, I make it a point to forward those resources to family members. I then encourage them to share their thoughts about it and how we can work together to fight against climate change.

2Go Where the Action Is

Taking part in the action is both a fun and rewarding experience. Group activities like annual cleanup drives and tree-planting movements can create a lasting impact and inspire the Earth Warrior in you. As an adult, I also make it a point to support the young ones in their journey to discover the world and help save it. Whether it's helping kids participate in activities like releasing hatchlings into the wild or signing them up for a recycled art class, it’s important to be present with them. 

3Choose Sustainable

When I go out, I make sure to load up my Earth Warrior starter kit: collapsible cup, steel straw, reusable utensils, water bottle, and resealable food container (and about four more reusable bags). Sustainable living is a daily practice, and though challenging, it is fulfilling once you finally break the old habits. When we become aware of which products can harm the environment, we  can all start to choose more eco-friendly ones instead. For example, consider using  eco-friendly laundry detergent and cleaning products — a great start for the family. 

4Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When we put extra thought and effort into our choices, our actions make a huge difference for our environment. I make it a point to donate yearly and buy secondhand items in an effort to recycle my products. My friends and I have this fun thing we call "sisterhood of traveling stuff," where we exchange used things that fit our needs. When it comes to food waste and disposal, my dad has taught me the power of composting, as he uses compost to help nurture growth in his little farm and garden. 

Upcycling things has also been an exciting thing for me. I find a way to turn "trash into treasures," like designing old bottles and glass jars into centerpieces and selling them. Instead of simply throwing plastic waste into segregated bins, I recently looked into plastic waste drop sites or those who run campaigns collecting plastic sold to companies to recycle them and use in building homes. I believe this offers a better recycling process.

The Bottom Line 

While we all have a long way to go when it comes to helping our planet and living more sustainably, it’s important to know there are small things we can do to make a big difference. Together with our families, we can have a positive impact on the environment.

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