Finding - And Sharing - My Sixth Sense

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Intuition: When you don’t know how you know… but you know you know… and you know you knew, and that’s all you needed to know.

Spoiler Alert: This is one heck of a crazy story that not everyone is going to believe, which is totally okay because sometimes I don’t believe it either.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt a presence in my life — some form of intuition. Nothing huge, just a moment where I would know the phone was about to ring, or I would anticipate running into someone I knew right before our paths would cross. During that period, raising my young family was all I had time to think about. Then, life got quiet. And when it did, I decided the time had come to explore a side of myself that had always intrigued me.

In September of 2018, I began actively looking for something to fill my palpable void. Cut to a class popping up in my search that seemed like a perfect match. A beginner’s workshop on clairvoyance and intuition. A somewhat scary endeavor, but I went with my gut and signed up.

Three years later, it would be impossible to sum up the spiritual twists and turns that have changed the course of my life. Many have dropped my jaw to the floor. As I learned early on, intuition can teach a person to expect the unexpected. Add to that the warning given by my teacher: If you choose to open this side of yourself, be prepared that your abilities will grow stronger — and you will never be able to go back.

I remained undaunted thanks to the incredible women in my class. They would become my soul sisters as we bonded and supported each other through a journey that often seemed unbelievable. Our gatherings became immeasurable spiritual therapy as we delved into our different abilities and used them to learn and grow with each other.

For me, things took a noticeable turn in March of 2020 when the coronavirus sent us into lockdown. With normal life at a standstill, I began to notice a cosmic silence that somehow created an opening for a loud and clear level of chatter. I had always thought that my own voice had been guiding me, but in a quieter setting, I could distinctly hear voices that were no longer my own.

My intuition level had reached an all-time high, still nothing surprised me more than when I started to hear messages in the middle of the night. I lost a lot of sleep during that time, including the night I had a “visit” from one of my father’s best friends who was in the end stage of his life. Their friendship had become strained in later years, so he wanted both of my parents to know that he loved them and that he was sorry. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down every word, not even remembering what he had said until the next day when I read the message to my mother. His words were so beautiful that I couldn’t help but cry, all the while wondering if I had made the whole thing up.

The 3 a.m. wake-up calls became so frequent that I kept a journal next to my bed in order to write things down before they vanished by morning. While pandemic-related fear crept into all of our lives, I began investing in the late-night distractions that came in the form of hopeful fortune-telling or cryptic riddles. These were the learning stages, when I would feel like a crazy person, until more tangible events started to take place. One of the most memorable was when I had the ability to pass along a message to a friend that it was time to say a final goodbye to his father. This important heads-up helped bring closure to a complicated relationship before it officially ended just a few days later. After that, my gift began to feel purposeful at a time when many of us felt like we had no purpose at all.

Intuition can also bring something special into your life when you least expect it.

Even though good things seemed to be emerging from my self-diagnosed “crazy,” my doubts often trumped my abilities, as I constantly questioned the reality of what was happening to me. As the experiences continued, I began to notice an additional spark of personality in the messages I was hearing. The prankster brother-in-law boasting about his trickery in causing a cell phone alarm to go off. The golfing buddy cheering on his friend for hitting the ball a little straighter (for the record, I know very little about golf). And my favorite being the wise aunt who convinced her nephew to give up a longtime grudge because the source of his anger was no longer alive.

Moving forward, I still had a great sense of caution when it came to sharing what I was hearing. First, I didn’t want to be carted away to the looney bin, but more importantly, I never wanted to hurt someone I cared about. When I got a message for a good friend who lost her son, I wanted her to feel like she could trust that I was saying his words and not my own. If I’m with a friend who I know will cry if I share that we are not alone, I hesitate until I know they will gain comfort from what I have to tell them. And, for the people who need closure, I am very careful to repeat the exact words that their loved one wants them to hear. The results are truly indescribable and often blow me away just as much as the person I am sharing my gift with.

In my 30s, I felt a strong sense that I had been put on this Earth to help people. Two decades later, I am starting to believe that I am also being guided toward the people who need me. A few weeks ago, I began running into a neighbor who had recently lost her husband. We had only crossed paths a handful of times prior, but suddenly she and I were constantly outside at the same time. As we began to talk about our shared spirituality, I realized that her husband wanted us to be friends. He had been trying so hard to get messages to her, and he knew I could be the person to validate them. And as I did, he provided me with an invaluable lesson to trust what I’m hearing, even when I continue to be so afraid to be wrong.

Intuition can also bring something special into your life when you least expect it. Just as my beloved Maltese started to experience a difficult decline in his health, one of my closest friends took on the challenging role as president of his local animal shelter. He became so devoted to walking dogs and running board meetings that I figured the least I could do was follow the shelter on Instagram. Early on, I had a feeling that I would eventually adopt one of their dogs, but Nicky’s difficult passing left me feeling reluctant to consider repeating such a heartbreaking experience. Four years went by, and even though my daughter had a dream about a black-and-white dog joining our family, no dog tempted me until I saw Piper — the pitbull mix with the irresistible cuteness who had charmed almost everyone working at the shelter, including my friend. I had the immediate sense that she belonged with us, and for once, the signs were too clear to question. Piper was the name of my daughter’s college a cappella group and the airplanes that my son was working on in aviation school.

I think it’s highly likely that we all possess some form of intuition. Messages are all around us in dreams and songs. Even repeating words can take us outside the boundaries of our normal daily experiences. It took me many years to shake off the skepticism, even with my growing ability to help people with their pain and loss. As I witnessed the greater good playing out time and time again, I realized that my focus should turn to feeling grateful for this gift in my life. It’s not for me to convince anyone as much as it is for me to appreciate and share.

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