This Women's Film Fest Is Highlighting 36 Incredible Documentaries

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Movie buffs have long known about big film festivals like Sundance or Cannes, but perhaps not enough know about the digital fest dedicated entirely to women filmmakers: 2022 Women's Voices Now Film Festival, The Rights and Roles of Women: Redefining Our Shared Reality

This month, all month long, Women’s Voices Now is holding a virtual film festival in an attempt to use “film to drive positive social change that advances girls’ and women’s rights globally.”

“We envision a global culture shift, powered by impact film, in which communities and institutions believe in the value of gender equality, and adapt their behaviors and actions to support systematic advancement of girls’ and women’s rights,” touts the company’s vision statement on their website.

Those impact films include a wide array of documentaries including Belly of the Beast by Erika Cohn, which takes a closer look at the illegal sterilization practices in the Central California Women's Facility as well as other female penitentiaries; Suspended Wives by Add Ou Merieme, which follows women who were left behind by their husbands and are in search of freedom through the convoluted divorce process in Morocco; Armageddon in the Living Room by Katja Niemi, which examines the aftermath and life of a woman who was sexually abused by a family friend as a child. These, and many others, encompass the offerings Women’s Voices Now are giving to ticket holders for their enriching festival.

Tickets range from $18 to $100, with an $18 ticket including access to all of the films preselected for the festival (which you can watch in your own time, access to a discussion on the power of film in advancing the rights of women and girls around the globe, and the ability to attend the online awards ceremony with keynote speaker Jaina Lee Ortiz on March 24 at 11 a.m. PT. The $100 VIP tickets include all of the following plus name recognition on Women’s Voices Now’s social media, newsletter, and annual reports. 

The festival ends on March 31, so don’t wait and get your ticket now, which includes 36 films from 19 countries across six continents. Proceeds for all tickets “go to supporting our efforts to advance the rights of women and girls through film, including our summer youth filmmaking training and future film festivals.” It’s a cause we can all get behind.

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