How to Trust and Find Your Own Leadership Style

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Trusting yourself is the first step in being a good leader. This may be easier said than done, but oftentimes self-doubt is what holds us back from being our best selves. This was a challenge for me all throughout high school and in the beginning of my college years. When I started my first full-time job, I came to realize that while I was casting my own dark cloud, others seemed to be moving forward and getting to work on the opportunities I wished I had. After fighting with my own insecurities and inner thoughts over time, my inner confidence shone through, and that’s when I truly started to see my career change.

If you trust and have confidence in yourself, others will, too. As I was learning this process, I found it helpful to surround myself with people who I was inspired by. I started going to networking events after work, speaking with successful people who had started out just like me, and knew exactly what it was like to start as an intern or in an entry-level position. I learned tips on how to stand out, and how to be the person people want to keep working with. I also started expanding my friendships, connecting with people throughout my company who shared similar interests, and was able to maintain genuine relationships. By doing this, my mindset and working style began to change. I started noticing that I have more to offer than I was telling myself internally, and by speaking with those around me, I started to realize how much value I bring to the table.

By knowing your value, you will come to learn exactly what you need to be a strong leader. Take into account all of your past positions, why you left certain positions, and how your bosses made you feel. This will help you craft an idea of what you like and don’t like, and help you see how you can make situations better for future groups you may lead. I was just recently hired as a new manager at my job, and this was one of the ways I realized what my leadership style was. By analyzing my past experiences, I was able to pinpoint what part of being a leader will be most crucial, and what will be the most effective way to bring success. 

Although being a leader comes with a significant amount of pressure, you will learn that every leader makes mistakes, and that is okay. As a new manager, I felt the constant need to have the best leadership style, always achieve goals, and have all the right answers. The truth is, even the best leaders have days when they just don’t know what to do. Moving up from an entry-level position to a manager was a big transition. There are moments when you question if you are good enough to be a leader. It’s important to realize that you made it to where you are for a reason, and those around you saw something in you that at times you couldn’t see. 

Trust yourself and let your confidence show why you have a seat at the table. 

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Claribel Rivas

Claribel is a social media manager in the Washington D.C. area who incorporates her cultural influences into her creative content. See Full Bio

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