6 Ways I Connect with the Earth for My Mental and Physical Well-Being

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One of the biggest realizations that came to light for me during the pandemic was that I completely underestimated how much time I spent indoors. Between working from home all the way to shopping and working out, we live in a world where so many of the things we want to do can be done in close proximity or right at our fingertips. 

A large silver lining for me during the pandemic was that I had the chance to really get creative in terms of how I wanted to spend my time. The biggest thing for me included spending more time outdoors, which ended up doing immense wonders for my mind and body. Today, I make it a priority to get out more and connect with the earth solely due to how wonderful it has been able to make me feel.

Here are 6 ways I’ve been able to connect with the earth to bring more balance to my mind and body.

1Opening Windows

I’ve recently started opening the windows in my room to connect with the outdoors more often. This comes in handy when I’m working from home but still want to feel connected with what’s going on outside. I love breathing in the fresh air that comes from my window and hearing the sounds of nature while I work.

2Basking in the Sun

There’s something about soaking up the sun that makes me feel an instant surge of serenity and rejuvenation. One of my favorite things to do when I’m on my lunch break is to sit outside on my patio beneath the sun for a few minutes. The warmth and the light not only offer a change of scenery and pace, but allow me to forget about what’s on my plate and focus on the present.

3Eating Locally

During the summer, farmers markets are in full swing. Going to my local farmers markets to shop for fresh, locally grown produce has to be one of my favorite things I look forward to every week. Not only does this give me a chance to support and connect with those who are growing this food, but I know that I’m consuming fresh food straight from nature that will nourish and replenish my body. 

4Outdoor Walks

I’m so grateful to have a beautiful five-mile trail located just minutes from my house. Whenever I need to clear my mind, I can always count on taking a nature walk on this trail to ground me. From the sounds of wildlife to the vibrant flowers, plants, and streams, I instantly feel at ease during this time.

5Embracing Morning Light

One of the first things I do when I wake up is try to reveal some morning light into my room by opening up the blinds. This instantly energizes my body and helps me wake up so I can begin work feeling in a good place mentally and physically. 

6Outdoor Chats With Friends

Sometimes it can be so much more comfortable sitting inside and chatting with your friends than it is elsewhere. Recently, I’ve been taking chats with my friends outdoors when they come over. Having meaningful conversations with nature as your backdrop is an indescribable feeling. It becomes so easy to focus on your conversation with your friends while your other worries and thoughts disappear. 

Mother Earth is able to give us so much. In a modern world, it can be so easy to lose our connection to it. Even just prioritizing one or two ways to connect with the earth more often can make a significant difference. 

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