Why Confidence Is So Important, From a Female Entrepreneur

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Despite numerous studies that illustrate that female-owned companies tend to outperform their competitors, women often face a confidence crisis that can hinder them when dealing with some of the entrepreneurial leaps required to move a business forward.

Experts insist that confidence is a learned behavior, with many self-help books and courses available for those looking to bolster their skills in this area. Or, one could simply start “confidence training” early in life by being a Girl Scout.

Girl Scout alum and business owner Alecia Orsini is a case in point.

When did you first know you wanted to be an entrepreneur? I’ve always tried to model my life under the premise of “help where I am needed.” But as I’ve gotten older, I realized I needed to help myself first. After evaluating my varied skill set within the context of a traditional business environment, I came to the realization that my intellectual property could be monetized and that there was a need for it in my industry.

What services does your company offer? We offer film consulting services to producers, directors, and content creators on their production projects. These consulting services can range from assistance with site selection, the staffing of crew, tax credits, and most importantly, marketing services for their projects. Regardless of the stage that the production is in, we can aid with a lot of the heavy lifting and let them focus on their own creative processes. 

How is confidence an important trait and value in your business? I currently work in a male-dominated industry. Even though producers and directors reach out and book me for my services based on my experience and word-of-mouth referrals, I still find them second-guessing me and not listening to my advice. It took me a while to find my voice, but now I am able to confidently stand my ground when situations like these arise. I tell them that they are making their decision against my advice, and I usually warn them that while they might feel strongly about their decision in the moment, it may have financial repercussions in the future.  

Do you remember any lessons or activities from your Girl Scout days?
Confidence is actually baked into a lot of Girl Scout lessons. I specifically remember a lesson on body image, which made a big impact on me. Our troop was shown an image of three girls — one skinny, one average, and one heavier. We were asked to choose which girl we would want to be friends with. All of us chose the middle [average] girl. But the interesting part of the lesson was the discussion that followed the exercise. We had all chosen the middle girl because we all saw ourselves that way. I was 11 years old at the time and it was a big “deprogramming moment” for me.

How did being a Girl Scout shape you as a female business owner? I’ve always been in love with the Girl Scouts, starting when I was 5 years old and I saw a flier in school advertising the program with pictures of girls in their various uniforms. I started as a Daisy, graduated out of the program in high school, and even worked at the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace in Savannah, Georgia, while in college. I still keep in touch with a group of friends who all went through the program with me. Girl Scouts is a leadership program, and it taught us so much more than just how to build a fire. Girl Scouts not only gave us problem-solving, money management, and even technology skills, Girl Scouts gave us a safe place to fail.  

Alecia Orsini Consulting LLC is a woman-owned business, providing consulting services for the film production industry as well as individuals. For more information, visit aleciaorsini.com.

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