Why July Is the Perfect Month for Early Mornings

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Early To Rise

I’ve always recognized the benefits of waking up early. Getting an early start gives me more time and space to wrap my mind around the day before it begins. When I wake up early, I feel like I’m on more solid ground than when I sleep late and have to rush right into what’s next. I’ve also always recognized that waking up early is hard. I have a young daughter who still doesn’t quite sleep through the night; I often don’t get to bed as early as I hope to, and, frankly, I’m tired. This is why universally declaring I “must wake up early every day forever and ever” is something I know won’t work for me. 

I’ve Decided To Take on Mini Resolutions

At the start of 2022, I declared myself done with resolutions. They only stand to make me feel like I’ve let myself down. I still think this is true when thinking about forever changing. Taking on a new habit or behavior and doing it forever is intimidating. So, I’ve started adjusting how I feel about implementing change into my routine. What if change could be seasonal? So much else in our lives is. Why not resolutions? Would smaller, bite-sized goals be more attainable? 

I’ve Declared July my “Wake up Early” Month

In July, I will try to wake up earlier than usual and see how I feel. If it is a fantastic boon to my life and I want to continue it, fine. But if not, it’s only for July. Why July? It’s the easiest month to do it. The sun starts streaming through my window early in the morning. It’s objectively easier to get up on a hot sunny morning than on a cold, dark, wintery one. Plus, July days get hot. Having extra time in the morning before the world (and my house) heats up will be beneficial. July seems like an all-around good month for getting up early.

Change Doesn’t Always Have To Be an Uphill Battle

Part of the reason my resolutions can be so challenging is I often pick something that doesn’t come naturally to me. It makes sense — if it weren’t out of reach, I’d be doing it already — but at the same time, trying to push myself into a mold too far from my truth ends up leaving me disappointed in myself when I can’t do it. In this case, by picking something small, making it temporary, and making it where I think the circumstances (sunlight, heat, etc.) are in my favor, I’m hoping I’m setting the stage for a little more success. 

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Lauren Harkawik

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