Don't Make Resolutions. Make Decisions.

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There’s something magical about the beginning of a new year. The possibility of new dreams is laid out like the red carpet at the Oscars as we wait to catch a glimpse of our favorite actor. The energy is magnetic. And with this newfound energy, we set forth resolutions for the new year, with full conviction that this is the year we will hit our goals. This year, things will be different. 

So we…

  • Join the gym.

  • Sign up for the class.

  • Hire the trainer.

  • Book the flight.

  • Buy the broccoli.

  • Download the weight tracker app.

  • Throw out the cookies.

  • Avoid the wine.

Then, February rolls by. Things aren’t looking so good anymore, and you’ve lost all motivation to stick to your goal. 

Did you know that nearly 80% of New Year’s resolutions die an early death?

The weight never gets dropped, the projects never get finished, we never find that new job — leaving you discouraged, frustrated, and hopeless (with another 10 months of the year to go).

I get it, because this used to be me. New Year’s resolutions fail for myriad reasons. Some of these include:

  1. They are too vague (not specific enough). For example, you might want to lose weight, but you never specify how much weight.

  2. They are overwhelming, so you give up before you even get started.

  3. You haven’t created the time or space to focus on your resolutions.

  4. Your intentions or your “why” behind your resolutions aren’t compelling enough.

  5. You don’t have the right mindset and subsequent plan to actually achieve your goals.

So instead of setting lofty goals at the beginning of the new year, I encourage my clients to instead make daily decisions throughout the year that line up to the life and lifestyle they want to create for themselves. The life you want is created with one thought, feeling, and action at a time, and the life you want doesn’t just magically appear. You create it, intentionally. That’s because our thoughts create our reality. Whatever you think, that is what you achieve.

So instead of waiting for January 2022 to arrive, here’s a fun challenge I’d love for you to try.

I want you to think about what your ideal life would be like on December 31, 2022. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and answer the following questions using our worksheet.

  1. What does my ideal life look like?

  2. Where am I working? What kind of job do I have?

  3. What do my relationships look like with my significant other, parents, friends, family, colleagues, etc.?

  4. How do I show up in the world?

  5. What does my daily routine look like? 

  6. How do I practice self-care?

  7. What does a healthy lifestyle mean to me?

  8. How often do I eat out versus cooking at home?

  9. What does my wardrobe entail? How do I dress throughout the week? 

  10. What do I want to be the proudest of at the end of the year?

  11. How do I give back to the community and other organizations that I’m passionate about?

  12. What does my spirituality practice entail? 

As you answer these prompts, I really want you to focus on how you feel as you’re writing your responses. I want you to review this version of your ideal life every day (at least weekly if daily is too hard), focusing on the feeling, and then make decisions daily that align with this life.  

You’ll quickly notice that when the life you want is top of mind for you, you’ll start creating habits that help you get there faster.

There are three steps that I encourage you to take daily: 

Decide: Decide that you are worthy of the life you want and you deserve it.

Commit: Commit to yourself, and no matter how hard this might be some days — even if you give up that day — you’ll get back up the very next day. This is a promise you’re going to make to yourself.

Act: Take daily action, no matter how small or big, that helps you create your ideal life.

Remember, the life you want is yours for the taking. Go get it.

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Written By

Syeda Neary

Syeda is a human design life coach. She helps you build a life you love and enjoy with confidence in alignment with your Human Design. See Full Bio

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