Pick Your Word For 2022

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It’s that time again, when many people start picking the preferred changes they want to make in the next year by creating New Year’s resolutions. Then, if they’re anything like me, by February those goals have gone completely out the window.

A couple of years ago, I came across a post on social media that was about picking a “word of intention” to reflect on in the new year, rather than making a resolution that may be difficult to keep. The problem with resolutions, at least for me, is that when you falter or fail at them, you kick yourself and feel down. By picking a single word to reflect on, you’re not setting yourself up for failure.

1How to Pick a Word of Intention for the New Year

Picking and using your word of intention for the new year is kind of easy, but I want to break this down to really give you a feel for what this can do for you. I say it is an easy endeavor, but there are so many useful words for expanding our lives that it can be difficult to come up with just one to encapsulate what you want to get out of the new year.

And that’s the idea — to pick a word that stands for the changes you want to make in the new year. Your word can be something as mundane as “change” or something as complex as “self-love.” Actually, both of those are kind of complex…

What I like to do is to think of the things I want to accomplish in the new year: success, health, wealth, travel, self-confidence, joy. Then, I determine which of those things would make me the happiest and try to find a word that I can use to tie them all together. I want to have more experiences this year and focus less on the unimportant. I want to be successful at all of the things I set my mind to. Those are the most important things to me for happiness and a successful year, so I want my chosen word to somehow focus on one or more of those hopes. 

So, to pick your word, make a list of the things you hope to get out of the new year, put them in order of importance, then pick a word that encompasses one or more of them. That is your word of intention for the new year, and it is a word you’re going to want to keep with you throughout the year.

2How to Use Your Word of Intention

Once you have your word of intention, you’ll want to use it. This is the easy part because, unlike New Year’s resolutions, you can use it whenever you remember to. Perhaps in February you’ll be busy and forget to reflect on the word. No big deal — just reflect in March whenever you need that reminder of your new year intention.

You can pick any time you want to reflect on your word of intent. One of the best times to reflect on your word is during daily meditation.  — you can visualize the outcomes you’re hoping for in relation to your chosen word.

Another great time to focus on your word is when you’re waiting in line at the store or stuck at a red light on the way to work. Whether you’re at home, at work, or out for a stroll to get some fresh air, you can give your word of intention some thought and let it motivate you to make that word’s intention part of your life.

If you need reminders, put your word of intention on sticky notes and hang them around the house, in your office, in the car. Put one on the fridge and one on the bathroom mirror and say the word out loud each time you see it. The more you say the word and focus on it, the more chances you’re giving your intention to become a reality.

I like to say mine out loud anytime I need a boost or a reminder that things are going to be okay. Having an intention to focus on during stressful or frightening times may help you have a more productive and happier year.

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