Sunday Scaries Are Out, Self-Care Sunday Is In

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Self-care is something that easily slips through the cracks in our everyday lives, but it is vitally important to our well-being — especially during the continuation of uncertain times. I have a wellness routine that I do every morning, and it helps me to go into each day feeling fresh: I meditate, read my Bible, do devotions, sip green tea, drink a big green smoothie, and do my morning skin-care routine.

It’s a little piece of time each morning I take for myself that helps me feel centered. It has been a huge help for my mental health, and I recommend it as a good way to kick off the new year.

Earlier this year, I decided I needed to take my self-care routine up a notch and implemented Self-Care Sunday. Each Sunday night, I take at least an hour to myself to relax and prepare for the week ahead. So instead of Sunday nights being something I dread because it marks the end of the weekend, they are something I look forward to.

No Husband, No Dogs

First, I always fill up my bathtub. I usually add bubbles or Epsom salt. If I've had a particularly stressful week, I add a few drops of my favorite essential oils to up the relaxation factor. I lather on a thick layer of my favorite bentonite clay mask and soak for at least an hour. The mask pulls all of the debris out of my face and leaves it feeling extra clean. I set my phone or my iPad up on the edge of the bathtub and catch up on my favorite shows, podcasts, or audiobooks.

My husband and the dogs aren’t allowed in the bathroom during this time. I like to be alone, with no talk of work or anything of importance, to recharge. This time alone allows me to shed the weight of the past week and refreshes me for whatever the week ahead has in store.

Self-Care Sunday, along with my everyday wellness routine, has changed the way I handle stress. I no longer feel flustered at the thought of my to-do list or overwhelmed in the face of a challenging week. I feel grounded and capable, ready for what life brings next. 

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Ellie Haley

 Ellie Haley is a food photographer, recipe developer, food blogger, and pastry chef based in Waco, Texas where she lives... See Full Bio

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