10 Pandemic-Proof Summer Activities for Toddlers

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COVID-19 has changed the world, but that doesn’t mean summer is canceled for your toddler.

Here are 10 friendly and pandemic-proof summer activities for your little one to enjoy, while you sip on some lemonade:

1. Water Park: Theme parks may be closed, but you can still set up your own water park in the backyard with an inflatable pool, sprinklers, and a water slide. Don’t forget a safety vest if your toddler is on the younger side.

2. Camping: Most toddlers love the outdoors. Go camping, or if the campsite is closed, make a fort outside in the backyard and hunker down for the day and/or night.

3. Rocks Galore: Rock hunting or throwing is a great way to develop motor skills. Throwing rocks into a body of water is not only fun, but the little ones can see the cause and effect of the rock hitting the surface, hearing the splash, and seeing the ripples in the water.

4. Arts & Crafts: Set up an arts & crafts center for your little ones to explore their creativity and further enhance their sensory skills. All you need to get started is some paint, brushes, and paper.

5. Bubble Zone: Toddlers love bubbles. You can purchase a bubble machine for less than $10 and a gallon of bubbles to easily set up hours of playtime.

6. Chalk & Color: You and your toddler can both have some fun and create sidewalk-chalk art. This can include stick figures, geometric shapes, or even the alphabet.

7. Scooter Adventure: A toddler-friendly scooter is a great way for your child to learn how to continue to develop their balance and hand-eye coordination skills.

8. Eye Spy with My Little Eye: You can have your little one play this game anywhere. Ask them to pick out birds, trees, cars, etc., and count along how many they find.

9. Sports Camp: You can set up a different sport for each day of the week for your toddler to help burn off all that energy. Soccer, Wiffle ball, toddler tennis, karate, gymnastics. You can stage a mini Olympics!

10. Fruit Pops: Get your little ones to cool off from the hot summer sun by enjoying a homemade organic fruit pop. All you need is fruit and an ice-pop tray to create this delicious treat.

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