5 Things I Bond Over With My Dad

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Sometime after hitting adulthood, you'll begin to see your parents as equals, not as Mom and Dad or people that needed to be feared. All relationships evolve. That's the beauty of time. It also brings a change in the parent-child relationship.

With Father's Day around the corner, I can't help but notice how much my relationship with my father has matured over the years.

Growing up, I was strong-willed as hell. My mom was strict with my sister, but she was more stringent with me. So you can imagine how well that worked out. But my dad? He was always my number one support.

From teaching me how to ride a bike and taking me for swimming lessons to helping me with my taxes and sharing team management tips, he has been there for me through thick and thin.

I remember when I was a little girl, maybe 5 years old, I would prance and dance around my father when he'd come back home from work. I would be ecstatic! Later, every time I ran into trouble with my mother, it was him I turned to for help.

He would often tell me how he is actually my friend, and that I should never be scared to share my concerns and worries. Even today, he is forever ready to help me. It's priceless, and I always get very emotional just thinking about him.

I was always a "daddy's girl." It turns out I still am. So yes, it isn't surprising to see both of us bond better than ever. I have seen him open up a lot in the past few years, and it's because of many shared interests that have brought us closer.

Our Love for Movies

There's a reason why I love James Bond, the Mission Impossible series, the Die Hard franchise, and anything with Liam Neeson. It's because of him. We'd hoot at all the incredible action sequences and get all riled up if things went the other way in the movie.
No wonder I like action movies so much. The genre has been ingrained in me. He loves watching films in theaters and would make it a point to take the family to catch every new movie in town. Come to think of it, it is such a simple gesture, but it has a profound effect on me. I remember feeling fresh and happy after our trip to the cinema.

Our Passion for Food

I love food. So does my dad. We live for food! As hearty eaters, we enjoy our mealtimes thoroughly. Family dinners or lunches are rare for me because we live in separate cities. But whenever we're under the same roof, it's a feast!

Our Fondness for Travel

As an armed forces personnel, my father has traveled extensively across India, and he has loved every bit of it. When I was a schoolgirl, summer holidays meant actually going on holiday — traveling to a different destination, exploring new cuisines, and genuinely relaxing.

I've caught the travel bug from him, and I take pride in organizing my trips whenever I could after I started working. So exchanging travel stories or making new vacation plans — pandemic or not — is a staple conversation between us. We both believe in earning our rest.

Our love of music

My father is a singer and poet. I have grown up hearing him sing for us, and he introduced my sister and me to different types of music — Bollywood, English, instrumental — from an early age. We still exchange music from time to time. Although he doesn't always relate to my music, he listens to it anyway. I love how open he is to trying out new things!

Our Penchant for Alcoholic Beverages

Unlike the majority of Indian homes, alcohol isn't a taboo at my house. When I turned 18, I had my first drink with him — at home. So did my sister.

Naturally, the familiarity that came with being around alcohol saved us from many embarrassing moments in college and our professional lives.

Even now, whenever we meet, we make it a point to spend at least one evening with our favorite beverage — talking about the office, extended family members, movies to watch, and everything else. Who doesn't love to unwind after a hectic week with a bit of wine or scotch?

All in all, it's comforting to know how he is doing and what he feels because most dads don't open up that quickly. Nowadays, he is writing a book and planning to start his own company. He turns to me for help and asks me for advice.

I guess we have fully earned each other's trust, and he does see me as a grown-up. It's true when they say, "Father is not just a word but an emotion." That's how I feel!

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