7 Ways to Survive the Holidays with Kids

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Getting through the past 10 months has been a marathon. And things are going to be a bit tougher in the ensuing weeks, as most of the country prepares for significantly colder winter weather, and a long slog till spring.

But here at CircleAround, we reviewed some of the content we've published in this very challenging year to see what tips we could provide to parents looking for help navigating the winter months. What follows is a collection of some of our more helpful stories that can guide you and your partner to oversee a healthy and happy holiday season.

1. Make a 'Pandemic Pod'

If you are extremely careful in your interactions with others, you can safely create a social bubble, as this author notes: "The importance of these small bubbles can really make a positive impact on school-age kids who thrive in that social atmosphere. Let’s face it, elementary school is mostly all about the interactions."

2. Create a Block Schedule

Though this author's suggestion — "I decided that the only way we would make it through the months at home together was to create a block schedule to make our days productive and less stressful" — was originally geared to summer, it applies just as well to the holiday season.
3. Cut Yourself Some Slack
This author frankly admits that parenting in the pandemic has "been a challenge. I have learned a lot about myself. I need to get outside, whether it be for a cup of coffee on the front porch or a walk, I need to be outside to stay sane." Remember that you need to be good to yourself, too, and to give yourself a break!

4. Give Them Little Victories

This author's son is doing his chores and his schoolwork, but playing a lot of video games. "Of course, all that screen time isn’t good for him. But I had to pick my battles. The kid needs a win."

5. Mourn the Loss of the Simple Moments

Take a moment, as this author did, to recognize that these are not normal times, and acknowledge the small things that, although essential, have been largely lost to the Covid crisis: "I realized my son would not get the final performance, prom, or the graduation we had planned with pride. I knew my daughter would not get her special eighth-grade dance or a chance to end middle school with any finality."

6. Fold Academics into Play and Parties

Most every parent is concerned that their kids could fall behind because of how the virus has impacted schools. This author advises that you don't despair, but rather sneak schoolwork into gameplay. "Reinforce math skills with dice, cards, Monopoly money, and Battleship coordinates. Trust that you are helping your kids think about strategy and calculations, predictions, and percentages."
7. Remember the Most Important Thing
What we're all experiencing is a once-in-many-generations event, so don't forget what really sustains you through all of this: your family. This author was reminded that, even though it's been a struggle, "as long as we have each other, we have more than enough. As long as I have them, I have it all."

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