4 Young Moms Balance Home and Work

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1Kina: Two girls, 5 and 3. Works From Home as a Content Creator

"Every day is chaos and I’m still not used to it. I guess I’m just very determined and taking it one day at a time," Kina says. In the beginning, she and her husband had faced struggles conceiving. After giving birth to her firstborn, what started as freelance writing jobs eventually became the foundation of her current career. Kina, who assists her kids with their online classes alongside managing her small online shop, admits it's tough juggling responsibilities without a helper. "A lot of millennial moms today know what they are capable of,” she says. “They can start a business, learn new skills, build a career, and take care of the household. You simply cannot ask them to depend on their husband. I think I am very much like that." Despite knowing that her husband can provide for them, Kina aims to build a path of her own. "I want to meet inspiring people. I want to learn new things and widen my horizon," she says. 

2Fina: A girl, 4, and a 10-month-old boy. Works as a Radio Physicist

Fina believes that motherhood means giving up a part of yourself, and she expresses deep admiration for her mother who decided to give up her career to care for her children. But what works for one may not work for the other. To nurture herself away from her family responsibilities, she uses her drive to and from work to listen to podcasts, and her breaks at work are for catching up on her favorite TV series or reading ebooks. She also has a home helper. 

3Maria: A girl, 4. Works as a Medical Assistant

One of the challenges Maria and her husband faced was the search for child care that wouldn’t break the bank. By taking the night shift, they were able to pull it off. “It was the best decision of my life,” she shares. Working as a lead manager at a boba shop during weekends, Maria is reminded of her mom, who took part-time jobs while also caring for her family. “But back in the day, when everything was cheaper, being a homemaker was so much easier financially than how it is today,” she says. 

4Chloe: Twins, 1 month. Works as a Student Affairs Professional

Chloe started rebuilding her life as a student affairs professional after the pandemic closed her small business. She is also adjusting to motherhood. “I thought after carrying them for nine months and giving birth, I would be able to rest for a bit, but the truth is it's only the beginning.” Finding her way around a major life transition on little to no sleep and no experience is tough enough, but it helps having a partner who actively takes turns in caring for the babies, offers plenty of encouragement and reassurance, and provides her a sense of security. “To be more independent and street smart are things I learned from my mother,” she says.

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