Life Lessons My Kids Taught Me During COVID-19

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I have learned so much from my kids during this global health crisis. While falling asleep one night recently, my three-year-old said his favorite thing is “being a family.”

During this time of uncertainty and fear surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, my kids have taught me that the important things in life are what matter most. The rest of the stuff really is just stuff.

1A Home We Are Safe In

As much of the world has been ordered to stay home in order to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, I have been home with my kids and husband. Though there have been stressful moments, there have also been many more moments of pure bliss — like hearing my kids giggle inside the homemade fort my husband built for them, or playing “race tag” around our kitchen together, or tucking them in at night and being told that the day was yet another “best day.” It is in moments like these that I am thankful to be home with them to create these memories, especially at a time when not everyone is safe in their home.

2Our Good Health

At first, I was sad at the prospect of not going out with my kids for our usual activities around New York. I soon came to realize that I experience days at home with my family because we are alive, well, and able to be here together. I am once again reminded, this time during a global health crisis, that having good health is invaluable.

3Food on Our Table

Each time my husband has arrived home from the supermarket during this pandemic, I greet him at the door to bring the groceries into the kitchen. My kids help us put the groceries away, and do so gleefully, especially as they notice foods and snacks they like. In playful moments like these, I am filled with gratitude that we are able to provide their meals, because I know there are parents struggling to do so.

4The Love We Share

When I hold my babies or when they hold me, as they have done both literally and figuratively during this time of uncertainty, all of my feelings of anxiety just go away. Their love sustains me and strengthens me. It lets me know that as long as we have each other, we have more than enough. As long as I have them, I have it all.

If you'd like to help families in need, I invite you to donate to Food Bank for New York City or Long Island Cares, Inc.

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Jacqueline Hernandez Lewis

Jackie is a wife and mom of two boys. Recently, she made a career transition from attorney to work-from-home communication... See Full Bio

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